Lisbon - what should i have to know about getting a flat? Where?

I like to move to Portugal, i have to work there for a company called Travelantis.

Where do i find nice flats? I know airbnb, but i read its expensive.

Any ideas?



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You will find the latest offers in the section Flats for rent in Lisbon.

Also, do you have a budget and will you be living alone ?

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A lot depends on how long you would accept for a commute, how easily your office is to reach by public transport and what your budget is. You may decide to live on the south side of the river in one of the towns like Almada. As for the flats in the section mentioned by the other post here, they are way too expensive.


You can search in this link : … precos-asc


you can also check here:

Make sure you have a clear idea on what will be the key drivers around the flat's choice: price, location, etc. Rental costs have gone up significantly in Lisbon and Oporto due to tourism and people relocating. It's not easy to find a reasonably priced flat in both cities. nowadays, so you might want to either go with a small flat or think on moving to one of the cities in the outskirts.

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