Moving household goods to Portugal

I am interested in hearing from people who have moved to Portugal who had their household goods/furniture shipped.  Is it cheaper to sell everything here in the U.S. and start over in Portugal or ship selective items to Portugal?

My guess is that it would be easier to sell everything in the US and start over. We just shipped our entire household, including lots of things of very little value. Cost us 8 Thousand Euros. I doubt that this was  wise economic decision. In our case the deciding factor was sentiment.

Thanks so much for your reply.  That is where I am leaning this time; to start all over.  There are some things I would want badly but it's just "stuff".

We're moving to Sicily but it's the same issue. We are both artists so we are putting much of our art materials in deep storage here in the states until such time as we may want them. Pretty much the only things we are bringing are art supplies as they are incredibly expensive in Europe. We're renting furnished for now and will gradually purchase necessities as needed. It has been an incredibly positive experience to downsize, sorting through so much stuff we have accumulated and simply lies unnoticed for years.

Thank you for your comment.  We have tossed all sorts of ideas about and are leaning toward storing those things we like until we "unlike them" enough to let go.  It is very rewarding and I felt a deep psychological relief when I let go of accumulated "stuff" that I hadn't seen or cared about for years.
Fern Reeves

Good furniture in PT seems more expensive than in US. Antiques even more so. If you have decent furniture (i.e. better than IKEA), it is worth it to ship  IF you have owned it outside of PT for more than 1 year. If you do not have receipts, photograph it a year before moving AND/OR have written statements from folks who have seen it a year or more ago. You can avoid  import tax this way.

BTW I already have a quote for moving my furniture door to door from SC to Faro,
The cost is less than buying equivalent or cheaper stuff from IKEA. It might not be cheaper for beds, but dining/living was much cheaper. Much depends upon whether you need a 20ft or 40ft or more container. 40ft was fine for me. I did not include estimates for the hot tub and for bulky and/or cheap stuff. Do take your bed linens. I have heard this from more than one person. Take PC if it has 110/220 switch. PC are expensive in PT. NOW is the time to downsize. If there is something you've not used in a year or so, say goodbye to it. PT has flea markets etc for replacements when needed. Dump 110v appliances unless you want transformer hassles. Don't ship large heavy electrical appliances unless they are dear to you. Shipping damage is possible. Again, you may need transformers.

DO pack the spouse, kids, and pets. They are difficult to replace.

You can apply for a certificate baggagem from your consulate to avoid duty and taxes. You are allowed two shipments in the first year of residency. You have to fill out a declaration stating you have lived in your country of residence for one year and everything is at least a year old.

I moved from the UK to Spain I down side from four bed to two everything went in to store, for a few months but I was shocked to see I still had a lot of stuff i have got use to not having those things. my stuff was it I sold off at boot fairs then down size again to move to Portugal still have two much stuff and need to thin out again.

We shipped a 40 foot container of funiture and household effects from San Francisco to Lisbon.   The container arrived on Nov 24, 2019.   We believe it is cheaper to ship rsther than buy everything in Portugal.  Furniture is very expensive plus the 23 % tax increases costs.  It is  a hassle with the baggage certificate plus prividing proof you lived in a house 12 months or longer in your current residency country.

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