Call Screening Will Be Possible for Unsolicited Phone Calls

We will now be able to identify (screen) unsolicited commercial phone calls. The Ministry of Telecommunications has made it mandatory for businesses to identify themselves when they call people.

I don't know about you guys, but getting these unsolicited phone calls is annoying. I received one just today and of course only a mobile number displayed, so I didn't know who it was from and picked up.

You will however need a phone that has the capability to display the spammer's name. 


I get lots too, but about equal unsolicited calls to my US Google Voice number. I think about 3 to 6 per day.

And a lot of Whatsapp spam. While my WhatsApp was linked to my US number for 3 years, I never got it. Once I switched to my Movistar number, I started getting spam daily.

It's always nice when an expat country does things to improve the quality of life. Ecuador, as tiny as it is, deserves some credit here. Good job, and I hope they continue to make decisions that are in the best interest of citizens and residents.   :)

Ecuador constantly surprises me!

This is good news. I was having a problem with my phone. Claro said I needed a new chip. Along with that new chip came five to six unsolicited calls a week.

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