renounce Vietnamese citizenship to become a US citizen?

So my wife is applying for US citizenship and as far as we know the oath of allegiance that immigrants must take in order to become naturalized citizens declares that the immigrant will: “renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen”. Does that mean she will lose her VietNamese citizenship? Does she have to chose between whether to be a citizen of the US or her home? I heard about dual citizenship and Vietnam allows it but is there any process to be done before she takes the oath ceremony?

she can renounce her "allegiance and fidelity" to US immigration and still keep her
vn passport lol.

The US has not legalized dual citizenship and given the current negative political climate with respect to immigrants is not likely to soon.  There does however appear to be a policy of benign neglect.  As far as I know, the US has never prosecuted anyone for keeping their original passport and Customs and Immigration agents each see dozens of people daily who obviously are traveling with two passports.  If someone enters the US with a US passport and has no stamps for the country they are coming from that is a pretty good indicator.

I was told by a Viet Kieu friend who ran an advice business for people seeking visas to the US to have your wife be sure that her family keeps her in their house book.  This is apparently essential to retention of Vietnamese citizenship (or at least makes it easier.)

Kennyho121 :

Does that mean she will lose her VietNamese citizenship? Does she have to chose between whether to be a citizen of the US or her home?

US laws neither recognize nor prohibit dual nationality.  For Vietnamese who became US citizens in the early years after the war ended, Vietnamese government allowed them to submit a request between the 5-year period (2008 - 2014) to maintain Vietnamese citizenship.  The absence of such request was seen as a legal renouncement of their Vietnamese nationality.

THIGV gave you an excellent advice re: housebook.

As far as the US is concerned, your wife only has US citizenship.  However, Vietnamese government says that as long as she is in a housebook, has a valid Vietnamese passport, and doesn't renounce her nationality on Vietnamese soil (in Vietnam, or at Vietnamese Consulate in the States, for instance), she still has Vietnamese citizenship.  The US has no authority to force Vietnamese government to recognize her as the only citizen of the US.

Ciambella - Yes - Many things would not be if that were not the case.

BTW, even though Vietnamese government allows dual Vietnamese and American citizenship (without official agreement from the US). if something bad happens while she's in Vietnam, she'll not be considered an American in the eyes of the law here, and US Consulate will not step in to assist her in such scenario. 

Just food for thought.

Citizenship agreement policies may be quite different between the USA and other countries. There are reciprocity agreements with many countries wherein dual citizenships are allowed.

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