Hornbæk Life?

Hello you lovely fellow Expats in Denmark - or possibly Danes living elsewhere,

I've been scouring the website but couldn't find anything so I thought I'd ask: do any of you have experience on what it's like to live in Hornbæk (North Zealand)?

We're currently between Hørsholm and Rungsted Kyst but spend most of our time packing up the dogs and driving up to Hornbæk for beach walks, so we're considering going 'all in' and living there.

Have any of you ever lived in Hornbæk or know someone who did/does who could tell us a little about their experience?

Thank you!

Pip pip,
-- Anna Mac

Hi Anna Mac

I would be highly surprised if anyone can answer that question for you as it depends on your personal situation and preferences, e.g. where do you work, how long time will you spend on commuting*, can you find a housing etc., etc.

Hornbæk is wonderful, very, very lively during the summer season, very, very quiet the rest of the year.

My bid is that you'll have the beach within reach, but everything else far away. I would caution you against carrying out the idea.


* If you go by the costal line (Kystbanen) you shall remember that the time table isn't reliable as the trains are often delayed or cancelled. The dogs will also be left more alone as the commuting time will be that longer than now.

PS: Do you know Bernstorff Park where you can let your dogs run about freely with other dogs? If had a dog, it would be my favourite place to go.

Hi Nellie,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and for sharing your views. It really is a tricky one and shaped a lot by the 2018 we've had. Let's just say it's made us realise that life can be short and we never know what's around the corner, so we want to live life fully and do the 'adventures' now rather than think "oh, we might do this in 5 years time".

We've always wanted to live by the seaside, not just when we moved to Denmark, and it truly is our happy place. We're at one of Denmark's beautiful beaches every weekend, at least once, especially in the winter when the dogs can run. Liseleje and Sejerø Bugt are some of our favourites, but they're definitely too far away to commute, 😊.

My husband works in Ballerup and drives to work and I work from home (so the dogs being on their own wouldn't be a problem) and, being used to UK distances (his previous commute was 2 hours each morning and evening), Hornbæk doesn't really seem thaaaat far out.

We don't mind it being quiet in the winter, we're just wondering whether it'll turn into a party town all summer. We were up there most weekends this summer but, because of the dogs, we mostly stuck to the Hornbæk Plantage side and we haven't seen it in the evenings.

So much to ponder! We're going to see a house again tomorrow that I've already seen once - let's see what the husband thinks...

Thank you so much for taking precious time to write, Nellie! I really do appreciate your thoughts, especially a 'true' Dane's perspective.

Love and toodles,
-- Anna

Gilleleje could also be a possibility. More of a town than Hornbæk, not the same idyll, but perhaps more a all-year town and yet still charming.

Don't forget to visit Bernstorffsparken. It was a great pleasure for me (though no dogs myself) to go there and watch the many dogs. There were so many different dogs that it could be considered a dog's exhibition. It's a true delight for a dog to be there.

Let's see how it'll end.


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