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I felt extremely closely related to the Danish today. Actually, it is worth applying for a Danish CPR - number* only for participating at the Heavy Kagebord.

* CPR number: Every citizen living in Denmark must have a CPR number. It provides you with free health insurance and a number which allows you to make any kinds of contracts, from receiving a library card to a bank account.

One time a year, the canteen of the state library celebrates Cake Day! 1,2 TONS of Cake were offered. 100 different kinds of cakes. Plates in 3 sizes for the prize of 20, 40 and 60 DKKs (20DKK = â¬2,70) were available. It was a huge all-you-can-eat- CAKE-buffet. No, actually it was more than that, literally, it was a cake party!!!

musicians playing

The library was supercrowded. When we finally had reached the buffet it got pretty dangerous. My immense huge bag, packed with netbook, study books and other stuff turned out to be a an obstacle in the buffet-battle. The cake-hungry Danish students didn't seem to care that I almost lost my balance while I was standing next to a long table loaded with cake. Everyone was bumping another in the chase for cake. The 45-minutes-long line had made the students nervoes, rude and hungry. The canteen employers were busy and constantly bringing in new cake-plates.

waiting in line for 45min...

who wants the last piece of cake? ahhhhh leave me alone!

How fun! Even though I had to take stomach pills afterwards and I needed a long time for biking home...what a great day...

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