Is it worth to move from California (San Jose) to Amsterdam? … ormaluding 13th-month package) is $95000 + 10000 one time sign on bonus. We are eligible for 30% ruling.

We have two young kids. We expect to send one to a childcare and another one stays with me at home.

From my research, we are not eligible for childcare benefit, since my wife is not going to work. We expect to have the following expenses:
~2000 towards rent,
~1500 towards daycare,
~ 300 insurance,
~700 towards food and other necessities

If I calculated correctly, our monthly paycheck should be ~6500 … ice=normal

So we should have $2000 left for other things. We also plan to do 1 or 2 train trips a month to other cities or neighboring countries.

Does my math make sense?

Hi - regarding your calculation link to, you forget to check the Social Security box - these taxes are compulsory in Holland; they reduce your calculation by about 800 euro.

Does the size of a family affect how much taxes you pay? Let say with the same level of income single person or family of four people would pay the same tax?

Hi and welcome back.

Yes, you'd pay the same taxes; you would, however, be entitled to Kinderbijslag; you'd get (p/qtr):

                        0 to 5 years old    6 to 11 years old    12 to 17 years old
Per child        € 202.23                  € 245.57                   € 288.90

You can read the details at the SVB website; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I guess because my wife is not going to work but stay at home with the second child. I won't be eligible for that benefit :(

I'm pretty sure that you will be eligible; it's an allowance based on the children, single parents get it as well.  If it's a deal-breaker, then give them a call, their contact details are contained in that link I gave you.

Thank you very much on your prompt responses.

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