Lost already cancelled passport-do I need to report it?

I renewed my UK passport last year because the one I had ran out of pages. Had to submit the old passport (the one run out of pages) when I made application.

The old passport came back with the top right corner been snipped. Presumably, its been cancelled on the computer system?.

Now, I cannot seem to find the old (snipped right corner) passport. Do I need to report it? If it's cancelled already, I don't see the point. It being cancelling is also clearly visually apparent (snipped right corner)

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I don't know if you have to report it; however, should you decide to, then the UK Gov website explains the process you follow to cancel a lost or stolen passport; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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The snip shows the passport is cancelled but it also means the passport is cancelled electronically.

No idea if you should report its loss

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