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Hi All

Need some help and advice please …..

I am White English, I have limited teaching experience at class level, but qualification I hope I am ok ?

This is what I have at the moment:

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree, June 2013  (Open Degree mainly history and Humanities elements)
Diploma in Humanities, June 2013
Certificate in Higher Education, June 2013
NVQ Level 2 Security Services, 2009
BTEC Diploma in Business & Finance, 1998
Business and Administration Level 2 (QCF), 2007

I am currently looking to move overseas and teach English as a foreign language or maybe History & humanities or Business studies, Wage level is not the most important item, its more about the experience and job satisfaction for me, as long as I have  an income which I can live on I would be more than happy.

I have been searching online to try and apply for jobs but unfortunately have come up short. If anyone can make suggestions on when, where or how to apply for teaching jobs in or around Cambodia ?

Do I need to take part in a TEFL certificate ? is this a must ?

Many thanks in advance.


Hello Marc.

If you're NES [native English speaker] you shouldn't have a problem to find a teaching job.

I doubt however if you would find such on line.

The best is to come over, decide where you want to settle [PP has the most schools obviously] then print your CV with photo many times, find a moto taxi who knows the area and go to the schools in the area, dropping your CV at the receptionist, mentioning you will call later for an appointment.

That way you cover all the schools in your area and it is highly successful that way.


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