Moving to Sweden

hi my name is elizabeth
i am new to sweden and i have just moved here to helsingborg june 2
i am from Canada Alberta in a small town called Innisfail
I am currently looking for work i have just received my residency visa and i have applied for my taxation personal number wont hear about that until the end of november. I would like to meet fellow english speaking canadians or just english speaking would be nice.  I do plan to learn the language once my personal number comes through then i can register for the SFI schools. 
I am very open and love meeting people and doing new things just getting out would be nice.
i have a bike and a car to get around with and i can drive in sweden.
i look forward to meeting and talking to fellow expats....
have a great evening

Hi there, im subhan..just wondering what made you travel sweden for a job? Isn't canada good for jobs?

oh yes of course canada is great i have met a fella many years ago and he invited me here so i came

Thats nice,just wondering can we work with Residency visa? Like for anyone?

according to the government no but i do know of immigrants working under the table and are doing this until their ID cards get approved its who you know and what you want to do

Hi Elizabeth,
I am Hakim planning to move to Sweden sooner.
How long does it take to received your resident visa?
How can you register in SFI school?


it took me 18 months to get my residency permit
now I am waiting for my ID card from the taxation bureau which will take 9 weeks which puts me into December
as for working it's not encouraged by immigration or the taxation office until ibgave an ID CARD but I'm told that I could work quietly
as for sfi school not available to me until I get my ID card
that's it for now yes it's a waiting game for sure
lots of red tape
and everyone is telling me in Sweden paper work is very slow that comes from immigration and the taxation office
hope this helps you out

Thank you Elizabeth for your answers
Oh, it's so long 18 months.  How long  does  ID card valid for?
Are you in Sweden right now?

yes I am I  Sweden right now
I am not sure how long an ID CARD lasts good question I will have to find out I was thinking as long as you have a residency visa I would think or as long as you are in Sweden
good question

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Hello Elizabeth

The "personnummer" as it is called takes about 1-4 weeks to come if everything is ok. End of November seems to be a bit long. After that you can go and start the process for identity card. That also takes around 2-4 weeks too.

If your man is speaking swedish, I think thats your best teacher for learning swedish :) SFI is just luck depending on how good the teacher you get :)



Just to let you all know. The time it takes to get your person number depends on your case worker. I am English. It took me 11 and a half months........ My partner came to Sweden 18 months before me and he only waited 6 weeks.

I was able to work whilst I waited as I was informed I could be paid via his bank account. If that makes sense. 

I have not learnt Swedish yet. Neither has my partner. It has not affected us getting a job...... but he started his own company so therefore can employ who he wants 😆

Good luck with your move. I hope your support structure is rigid as Sweden can be a challenging place to try and live in.

hope you will enjoy it

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