How is Quy Nhon as a place to live as a retiree

Hi everyone   new  member here   Retired 65  from USA  been living  in the Philippines  last 4 yrs.   My pension is 1400 usd a month.   I find I must live in the smaller providence cities here, cant afford  Cebu or Manila, that have more to offer. Last  2 yrs have brought high inflation and political unrest, marshall  law under the  new president here. I am now   considering Vietnam as a new home. I like  the  beach scene   and was looking at Nha Trang, but the more I read more recent internet articles, it seems like Nha Trang is  in a tourist boom  moode, many Russians and Chinese, not sure I would  be confortable there now.

This brings me  to my   question  how is  up the cost line north  to Quy  Nhon  seems like a smaller beach town, maybe the next  Nha Trang in 5-10 yrs, but for now, quieter,  a little night life, a few international restaurants, ect.  am I seeing it correctly  from the internet??     Need any help   on  this costal  city or if you might know  of a better  town for me  to consider in this  general area.   

Thanks to  all


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Someone recently posted a much better site here but I couldn't find it.

Hey Dennis,

I've been living and working in Quy Nhon for the past three years and it's mostly been a sleepy little coastal city, but over the past year there has been a significant construction boom in and around the city with many new apartments,  hotels and resorts being developed along the waterfront.  Unfortunately,  your assessment of QN being the future Nha Trang is probably correct, but now it still has the charm and friendliness of the more traditional areas of VN without the BS and expenses of the big city.

Your monthly stipend would serve you well here. The cost of living is very reasonable with apartments or houses currently running less than $300 a month,  utilities another $50 and good quality food for less than $10 a day (much cheaper if you can cook).

There is also a growing expat community here with mostly Aussies and Americans and a growing backpacker following passing through the city.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

All the best,


Mark   so kind of you to  reply to  me so quicky  and with good information. You have helped me to believe I am looking in the correct direction. At my age in life I am past the late   nights  out, drinking till 2 am. I am looking for a good healthy life style, not  much  traffic or noise, yet enough stores to find what I need  with an ocassional trip into " the big city" .  The  cost seems unreal for  the essential items  much  cheaper than here   in the PH and that is my  objective, how to get more on less and  have some  left for savings, long  trips, emergencies,ect.   Can I ask   what do you do there  for  work??   I would like to stay some  what busy.   I play music, maybe teach Engllish,this is a voluntier stuff  just to contribute back soome how.   OK   I think I will visit  Quy  Nhon first weeks   in December before    Christmas maybe 3-5 days,get a first hand oook  and feel.   Thanks again

Hey Dennis,

No worries. I'm happy to share my experiences here.

I, like many expats, teach English. Luckily, I teach FT at an international school here. If this is a path you are considering just be aware of a couple things. To legally teach English in VN or even teach online you'll need a four year degree (even if it's a degree in basket weaving), a state criminal background check from the US or the Philippines and a teaching certificate (TESOL, CELTA, whatever). If you can have them you can get them certified at the US Consulate in HCMC or the Embassy in Hanoi and then get them "Red Stamped" in VN. Also be aware of how working here can affect your SSA benefits. Anything over 45 hours a month of paid work through a company makes you ineligible for SSA benefits. But private tutoring can't really be tracked so that is a possible option.

Based on your description of what you're looking for then QN might be the ideal location. The streets mostly roll up by 10:00ish. The morning and evening rush hours are tolerable and can be missed entirely if you are retired. The food is pretty much very fresh and fairly high quality in most of the markets and restaurants.

Give me a shout when you think you'll be here and I can point you in some good places to hang out.

Good luck,


Thanks Good_Man    Mark  your nick  name is correct  you are indeed.  I will just  do that.   Looking up flights   from Manila to  Hanoi looks the cheaest   then vietjet   from  Hanoi to  Quy Nhon.  see you  in  a few months then  my email is   XXX   Thanks    Mark

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Good_Man :

Also be aware of how working here can affect your SSA benefits. Anything over 45 hours a month of paid work through a company makes you ineligible for SSA benefits.

The OP stated that he is 65 which in the US allows him to seek as much wage income as he wants without a reduction in his SS check.  Is there a different rule for overseas income?  Overseas income is even exempt from income taxes subject to a limit that no teacher is going to reach.

Domestic and international 

If you work, and are full retirement age or older, you may keep all of your benefits, no matter how much you earn. If you're younger than full retirement age, there is a limit to how much you can earn and still receive full Page 3 2 Social Security benefits.

You are correct.  It is "full retirement age" which is creeping up.  It was 65 for me but I think it is 66 now.  The earnings allowed is still fairly generous and overseas income may not count as it is not considered "earned income."  Best to check the SS website and publications as Jim seems to have.

Thanks for this info all    Yes I believe you are correct  being born in 1952  full  retirement for me  is 65   but it is on a graduated scale moving upward toward age 70  now.  I  dont  know about the  Tesla thing  I meet  all other requirements  was just going to voluntier my time   not for money anyway.  I wanted to get back to my main topic    information  on  Quy Nohn  as a place to live and retire  not so much work for me  LOL   Thanks to all

You might want to take a look at Vung Tau. About the same size as Qui Nohn, hour and a half from Saigon. Much better weather than Qui Nohn. I've been here almost a year and love it.

Thank you kindy  for  this  info     I am  open  to considering  all  options at this  time.  Looking for a non tourist type town,about   the size of Quy Nhon, with same  or lower  cost  of living.  Thanks for  the  tip, will research  this now.  This  is why I joined and posted here  guys    Dennis

I am coming to VN tomorrow and staying 1 month in HCMC but I come to come over to Vung Tau Can I get in touch with you. I am also thinking about Danaga Thanks Minewman63

Jim-Minh :

International Cost of Living Index - Expatistan

Someone recently posted a much better site here but I couldn't find it.

Here's another resource to compare COL:

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