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Anyone with the UK license got a Saudi drivers license? Tried to book an appointment on the absheer web, but it didn't take me anywhere!

if your residence permit says you are dependent then you wont be able to obtain an appointment. driving license is not issued to dependents anymore

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You can visit traffic police department.
You can contact me in private message.

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The applicant must have a valid international license to be replaced by a Saudi license.
Registration of complete data and required papers in Saudi Driving License Portal http://www.sdlp.sa
Schedule an appointment to complete the license procedures, and assess their driving in the field by passing.
At the time of assessment, advanced papers for field testing, evaluation of their leadership and compliance with laws and regulations are approved.
After passing the test

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Hi bumping up an old thread, are licenses still valid for expat women?

I can help you to get it without attending school
Pm if you are intrestend

Hi My wife dependent to me and she hold canadian driving license.  How can i get for her Saudi driving license?*** if you can help me out in this

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What is the latest status on dependents expat female conversion of drivers license

How? Pls let me know

no update yet, still not getting license. Driving license schools are too crowded and priority is given to locals at this stage

Any latest updates on it


KJed :

What is the latest status on dependents expat female conversion of drivers license

what do you mean?

Hi I want to get licence for my wife, when we tried to apply it takes long time for test, she knows to drive, is there a way to get licence faster?

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