How long does it take to process a visa D to Bulgaria?

My husband is a bulgarian citizen, i’m tunisian.
I returned to tunisia to apply for a visa d, it’s been already a month since I applied with no response.

Anyone applied for a visa D (to join husband/wife), please? How long did it take you to get it?

Thank you

For me at the embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, it took 45 days after I submitted my application. They were very clear about when the decision would be made and I should come back. (I went back two weeks before, just to check, because my Turkish visa had expired, but it was still not done, so I had to leave the country, return on a tourist visa to pick up my Bulgarian visa).

However, I believe the "limit" is 90 days. Either way, they should have told you when you submitted your paperwork when to check back with them.

Thank you for your answer. I’m sorry, working days?

They told me around one month and a half... i couldnt tell if they meant working days or not.


its a quite hard procedure to get visa D. 2 months at least


Maybe this helps: link

For me it was 45 actual days (not working days). I applied May 31, received it July 13.

I wonder why you say it is a quite hard process. For spouses of Bulgarian citizens, it is quite straight forward and easy. One visit to the embassy to apply, the second to pick it up. The documents were not complicated, nor was the process.

Its not a hard process. The procedure is straight also if you have all the required documents you won't have any problems. In most cases the visa will be issued after 30 to 45 calendar days. This depends on the workload of the embassy. Just call them 4 - 5 weeks after application to ask them what is happening with the application, they'll let you know if the visa is issued, if not it will be ready in a week or so.

I said hard, because its hard for a foreign citizen. For us is not, we're used to the administrstion :-)

I would say even for foreigners, not hard if you follow the rules. (I am a foreigner).

In Bulgarian Embassy in Beijing and Shanghai consulate, the time is roughly a month. Mine was processed in exactly 20 working days. As long as the applicant has submitted all required documentation the visa will, eventually, be approved. A word of advice: do your homework on what documents are required for your case and allocate at most 3 months for D visa processing.

Is it true that the Bulgarian administration is very slow, I submitted all the required documents to the Bulgarian embassy in Paris, 55 working days and still no response.

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