Ep card not delivered

I have completed my ep card registration last week.
But still I dint receive the card from MOM.
when I check the card delivery status in MOM website it says card not ready for delivery.
As it usually takes only 4 to 5 days for card delivery, Is my case normal or I need to cantact MOM regarding this?


You should ask your employer to reach out if required or else wait for few more days. It should be delivered to your employer's address. Check with them if they have received as system sometime takes time to update.


Have you received your ep card?

Mine one is pending since 18th March 2022.

This thread has been inactive since 2018, and the OP last visited the forum three years ago.

I think it is unlikely you get a reply here. Please feel free to start a new thread of your own, after reading related discussions already existing on the forum.

@arrowsam where did you check the status? Can share direct link? 

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