Work permit C

Hi all, just recently moved to Belgium on a type D family reunification visa. My spouse and I are both from the US, and he is a student in Belgium.

I am looking for work (environmental engineering) but am having a lot of trouble because many jobs say they won't sponsor a type B permit. Two questions about this:
1) Does anyone know why companies/schools specifically say they will not sponsor a type B permit?
2) Should I and can I attempt to apply for another type of work permit? I believe I might be eligible for type C, but not type A.

Thank you!

Work permit type c is only for students during their year break or so and for asylum seekers.

About work permit B, not all companies can apply for a work permit B and also it is only for selected professions. Company must prove they cannot find the same skill set in Europe before they can apply for a work permit type B for a non-EU National.

Correction on Work permit C: … -procedure    (Flanders site)

There is a revised list of criteria. Approval is on case to case basis. it is the best to check this directly with the department of Economic Migration .

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