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Hello all on the forum.
My wife and myself are looking to go to live in the Murcia area.We are not of retirement age so would appreciate any help on acquiring medical health insurance.
I have in the past had strokes but am very fortunate not to have been left with any disability,I do take medication to control my high blood pressure .Would somebody please let me know wether I can get medical health insurance in Murcia or wether to get it in the uk ,my wife and I are looking forward to this new life any help would be very much appreciated.
Kind regards Ian.

To obtain residence statue the medical cover must be 100%, for all conditions with no co-payment. So the same cover one would have on the NHS. You may find it impossible to get that cover with your medical history

The policy must be in Spanish or have a translation produced by a judicial translator  (court registered) and they charge by the word so a policy translation would be costly

As a couple you also need to prove at  least 623.73€ per month income or 8,632.22€ savingS

PS of course that applies only pre Brexit after that no one knows   It could be that a single person will need the medical cover plus income of 27.000€  per year as non EU nationals need now

Thanks for information john

When we first came to Spain 6 years ago we contracted for private health insurance through Sanitas.  We had it successfully for two years and when they started to call foul on preexisting conditions we converted to the Convenio Especial (buying into the Spanish care system).  In both cases, the price is low before retirement ag.  For the Convenio, (1 year residency to qualify), the rates are 60€ a month for under 65 and 157€ for over that age.  The main difference between Private and public care is the existence of waiting lists for nonemergent care in the public system.  Mind you, the quality of care in the Private as well as Public systems is excellent.  I broke my hip last year and had surgery as soon as it was discovered on the tests.

Hello Elyles,
Do you mind give me the name of the hospital you had surgery, how are the GPs?
Do you have to speak Spanish or are all doctors/nurses speak English with Expats who can't speak Spanish?
Thanking you in advance!

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