living in usa is not easy

I want to share with you my feelings, living in usa is not easy specially for women!!! But no choice.
I went to Algeria for vaccination with my kids, and now we are back, it is so hard i feel lonely! I am looking for friends who lives in Ohio,


I can agree that living in the USA is not easy, but not just for women. Its hard for anyone who comes from another country to suddenly be in a different one that they're not "native" to. I've moved around a lot in my life and the loneliness can be as terrible if not worse than the homesickness.

If you need to vent or talk about it, i'm right here! :)

Loneliness usually comes with moving to a new place, no matter your gender as you don't know anyone there. Reach out to people, try to be the one to start conversations and make new friends, it will be easier once you start having relationships.


I am not sure when you do say , living in the USA is not easy.
What are you referring to?


As a woman, I found the United States far easier than most countries I have been to.

Taiwan is even easier. Women here are seen as human beings.

I think it is safe and easy to stay in a country like the USA. Everyone used to respect each other and follow the proper rules and regulations. In starting everyone feels like loneliness but as time passes you will get friends in offices and in the neighborhood as well.

This is a common problem everywhere. But women are much freer to do what they want in the USA than in many countries. One has to take some initiative. Often people get to know their neighbors, coworkers, the families of their children’s’ friends and school mates and the members of the place of religious worship if they attend one. One already has some important things in common with these people. In addition one can take courses or join clubs or attend events to meet people with similar interests.

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