what should i do?


just joined this site today and hoping for some good advice from all you seasoned expats!

ive already got my PR status and have come back to the Uk in order to sort out things before i go back to canada again, later this year or early next year.

my problem is that i am 52 years old now and although i have plenty of qualifications and experience working for companies in the uk, where can i start in canada?

i have many years experience of electronics testing and administration and am looking for a job in the vancouver or surrounding areas.
my longterm goal is to run my own business, like a convenience store etc but initially i will need a job.

any advice would be good.

Hi and welcome on Expat.com cymbeline!

I hope other members will advise you soon ;)


Hi cymbeline,

Which part of Canada are you in?  You can try some online search engine like Indeed, Jobbank.  Hope you can find something soon :)

Yes the Job bank site will help you. Since you got the PR that would be easy. Goodluck!

Hello cymbeline and welcome to Expat.com! :)

Have you already been given advice which helped you?

If not so, I hope it's for soon.

Good luck,

I must be in a bad mood today...but why can't folk just DO A SEARCH ON GOOGLE for what they want????;)

http://jobsearch.monster.ca/search/?whe … d_units=km

Hello and welcome! When I was living in Canada I often used this site to find a job. It is used by a lot of employers and also linked to services provided by the government to help people find work. http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/prov-eng.aspx?OfferpPage=50 Choose the province you are looking for and then you can do an advanced search choosing the type of job and exact city you are searching in.
Here is another part of the site that could be useful to you. http://www.travailleraucanada.gc.ca/con … 03&lang=fr

Also contact the closest Service Canada office and ask for information about Employment Services they offer. In many cities and towns there is an office you can go to to get help looking and help with your networking and resume (CV). What province are you in?

Hope this helps!:)

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