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Looking for health insurance for myself and two children in DR. Which companies are the best and are the least expensive. I live in Santo Domingo

Honey I have a group with Humano. I can send you info.

I only recommend Humano and Universal. Prices are similar, I find Humano service a bit better.

We have had Universal for the last 12 years with no problems in coverage.

Yes send me information on them.  I currently have blue cross with international coverage,  but it is very expensive. I plan on permanently living in Santo Domingo with only short stints ro the US.

I would love information as well. My employer is covering me but my husband and son need coverage :)


I  will private message you Shalacl.

Was recently in Roatan and friends there have International Insurance that is good in 132 countries including the US with Med-Evac.  Anyone hear of a company in the DR that provides that as well? We're both in our 60's.  Cigna was ridiculously high!

No there is no company here that is Dominican that has international  insurance.  Travel Medevac is available via this link:

Wow. Thanx!

You are very welcome. If you need local  health insurance let us know.

Great, Thanx! Will do when we get there.

Planner - we're at least 18 months away from relocating to DR, but trying to get all our ducks in a row! Should we start the process of buying medical insurance prior to arriving, or wait until we are in country?

If you are close to age 65, start early. IF not you can choose to wait until closer to your arrival. 

Risk -  if something goes wrong physically, you chance having a pre existing condition. You can apply at any time,  as long as you pay the premiums you are covered regardless of what happens or where.

Only you can make the decision of when to apply honey.

Hi planner, how can I get in touch with you, I am looking for health insurance, in the dominican republic, I will be there dec.4 until March 26 , and I am over 70, can you help me? *** or I have whatsapp ***.  Thank you Bill

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Hello planner

Will you please send me the info as well. many thanks!

I will contact you by  private message.   

I cannot help anyone over age  65.  Sadly the only plan available to me is a nightmare.  The coverage is not good and it is expensive.

Individually you can go to ARS Palic and see if they will help you. Be warned they are horrible to deal with.,

For the others I can help - I have a group with Humano.  I also recommend Universal without issue.

Hello Planner! Long time...

But I’ve done it. :shy   I arrived last Monday, for the first time.. and my offer was signed and accepted Saturday for my condo!
Next is Health Insurance, so please add me to the list of those looking for information on Humano please.

Thanks a million!

All sent to you honey! 

Congrats on everything!

Is there any insurance available is you are over 65 (I am 70) that won't cost me $400+ a month per person

This is what I posted above:

I cannot help anyone over age  65.  Sadly the only plan available to me is a nightmare.  The coverage is not good and it is expensive.

Individually you can go to ARS Palic and see if they will help you. Be warned they are horrible to deal with.,

Planner , I am 64 , turning 65 in February 2020 , my wife is turning 60 in August,  would we be eligible for the health insurance ? When I am 65 would I be dropped from the plan if we purchased it ? We plan on staying in the DR from December 2019to May 2020 .Thanks for your time .

Once enrolled you are not dropped off unless you stop paying.  At age  65 the price jumps per person per month.

Planner , could you send me the humano info please  ?

Planner, When you say the price jumps at age that for people that are already on the plan or do you mean for people just signing up at 65? (Or maybe you mean both, and 65 means higher rates):-)

You must sign up before age 65. Until age 65 the plan premium is what it is. At age 65 those covered pay  an additional amount. For example 150% of premium. At age 70 it goes to 200% of plan premium etc. 

Trebor I will message you privately.

Cannot believe that I was just quoted $1243 per month for basic health insurance. I realize I am 70 but for that I will take my chances or come back to states and use my US insurance

WOW that is nuts.  Here is my link for Travel Medical evacuation coverage,  consider buying that annually.  ​​

Hi Planner, 3 years ago you helped me with information to get my health insurance; well now I'm seeking your advice once again! My brother in law, Dominican with US citizenship has returned to live out his days here in Santiago. He is 70 years old and survives on his social security income. He says he has no issues and is looking for medical insurance. He worked here in DR many years ago and had some sort of coverage but can't remember in  detail. Could he possibly get insured under one of your plans??? Thank you again.



Hi honey, I am sorry but the over 65 coverage is a nightmare so I did not continue with it.  He can contact ARS Palic directly to try and apply.

Ok Planner, thanks again!!!!!!!


Do you have contact information for Humano and Universal that you can share, please?  We have had a extremely high quote from Cygna that didn't get much cheaper after deleting USA coverage.

I have a group through Humano so am happy to help you. Both have  websites honey to get quotes directly online.  I will message you what I have .

For those not aware:

I owe some people applications for my group package. Here is what happened:

On Christmas day I slipped at my apartment, fell and broke my tailbone. Let me tell you, that damn well hurts.

4 days later I finally saw a doctor and confirmed, yup its broken and nothing you can do. Cost of everything - $0.

For first month continued to hurt like hell then slowly got better. second month was better. Then started acting up.  Then things got humid and it started really hurting.

Turns out it healed badly.  Went to doctor and we were doing a cortizone injection - reacted badly when I stood up, passed out and re broke the damn tailbone.

So now I have the cortizone injection which is helping.  Back to work after  3 days of NOTHING and  sitting delicately..... It is now not as bad as the first break but its painful.

To those I owe applications, they are coming. To those I owe a visit, sorry that will have to wait a bit longer.

Cost of all follow ups and injection -  equivalent of US $20.  Cost of meds -  20% deductible. 

I am very happy with that. Not happy with pain.  Dont worry though it actually helps to move so dancing is still in the cards!

Wishing you a full and swift recovery, and great insurance!

Thanks.  My friends say I am not only a pain in the butt, I have a pain in the butt.

Hello planner I will be moving there to Santo Domingo next year from Chicago can you please send my health insurance information?

Thank you

First welcome to the forums.  And yes I will be happy to. Watch for a private message.

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