Cave survivors

Twelve boys and a guide survived in a flooded cave for 9 days and 5 hours before help came. This is wonderful, miraculous. I don't have all of the info. My wife us following the news. Any info from the expat community would be welcome. Cheers!   dcb

Last I saw they may have to hang around for a short while as the place is flooded so they have to learn how to use diving gear to get out.

Alive so far. But it could be days or even weeks before they are actually rescued. It is a very precarious job for the rescuers involved not only for the boys.
I did read that the coach will be charged. I hope to God that that is crap talk as shit happens. I’m sure as he is older he gave the boys hope and kept their spirits up. ( I hope) so really it is now a waiting game... a lot more work will be entailed to get the boys out, meantime fed ...

There has been world wide news coverage of this event so I am not sure what we can add to that.  I live in Chiangrai but I am 120 km or more from the cave so get all my information from the new just like everyone else.

U will be updated on all the news in Thailand in English.

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Thank you for the info. 
I just caught a bit of news on BBC radio.
Yes, It's still going to be a complex rescue, diving gear an all.
Right -- Not much more we can add.
. . . And I will try Thaivisa. 

It was late when I posted this.
I'm not at my BK home right now -- Back in Toronto.
The news was spotty.
. . . So glad they've been found.

I think I'm going to ask to close this for now -- Right a blog later.
. . . Will figure out how to do that a soon as I return from some chores.
Hope, pray and trust all goes well.
Talk with y'all later.
Thanks again.   dcb

finest regards.   dcb

You don't have to be a member to read Thaivisa and all they do is compile news from other sources.  Try the Bangkok Post, The Nation and Chiangrai Times.  CNN has shown a fair amount of coverage as well.  A lot of information on FaceBook, too.

OK. Great.   dcb

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