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What are some of the best travel locations that most people have never heard of?

I'm from Portugal. Its a beautiful country to visit: hot weather, sunny beaches, good food and friendly people!

Spain also great, Barcelona and the sunny beaches, close to Lisbon, Portugal, also beautiful.

My husband was in the Military and we move every 3 to 4  to a different place and the Best Place to go see is Greece if you like Beach go in. Summer if you  History go anytime Greece is an open Book of History .... Good Luck !!?

If i get a chance to visit USA then i ll visit these places. Alaska, Oregon, Travellers Rest, etc. And i ll definitely set my tent in Alaska and Oregon.

Hong Kong seems to me worth a visit to everyone, India and its various cities, China. I think that it is worth visiting those countries whose culture is completely different from ours.

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