Ideas wanted for Rugby sponsorship

I am part of the Victoria Police Rugby Club and we are commencing a new sponsorship search for 2011 which will see us participate in the World Police & Fire Games in New York City.  This will be a high profile event that will draw athletes from around the globe. The games will coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 so the coming together of police and fire officers from around the world will be of huge significance.

Can anyone suggest some companies or organisations in NYC or the USA that we should contact with a sponsorship proposal?


Barry Randall
Victoria Police Rugby Club

Hi Barry,
I am a TV producer based in Australia.  I'm looking for Australians living in Sweden, or who are planning on moving to Sweden to interview for a documentary film.

It sounds like you might be a good person to interview for the film.

Please email me at  if you might be interested in discussing things further.