EOI selected forgot to fill UG details


we filled the EOI for SMC and it is selected yesterday. We claimed 165 points without job offer in NZ but it was mentioned , if you are claiming points for PG , then please fill UG details also. But my husband only filled PG details and forgot to fill UG details. And the EOI was selected. We called up the immigration of NZ and asked whether there would be any rejection for that. They said, you can submit those details after you get the ITA. Is it okay? or will it be rejected at this stage ?

Usually they wont. Have u done a PAR on those degrees?


All our degrees are in the exempt list , MS from NUS, Singapore, BE in ECE, B tech in CSE from India.

The points which we claim in EOI will be validated. But the proof for all those need to be submitted as response to ur ITA

okay. Thank you for your advise. I hope they will not reject only for UG details not being filled.

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