Where to look for an area near to medical care ?

Hello all,  My wife and I are looking into retiring to Panama in the next 2 years from the US.
My question is where to look for an area near to medical care and some of the perks of the city, without living in the city. We are looking for some locations to scout out on a vacation late this year. We are mainly looking for a rental property for now. I like to do wood working and someplace with room for some tools, and a garage or area to work in would be ideal. So if anyone has any ideas on where to look for such a thing as this , I would welcome any responses.
Thanks ,
Andrew Smith

The most medical care is of course in Panama City. I don’t live there and don’t know the area well. The next source of medical care would be David, where I live. I think you would find everything you need here, many doctors, two private hospitals and a large public hospital, and some specialists  travel in from Panama City on a regular basis. I have been very impressed with the care here both for ourselves and from reports from friends. Doctors take time, share cell phone numbers, aren’t tied up in red tape and paperwork, and have that human touch that there often isn’t time for in the US.

David is less expensive, less hectic. Chiriquí Provence is really beautiful, and there are lots of options in the David area, in town, more rural areas, higher up the mountain for cooler climate, etc. It is customary for people to do all kinds of work in their car ports, if I was woodworking I’d look for a house with an enclosed laundry/storage room for your tools, and work in the carport. Even in the afternoon if you have shade and a breeze it’s comfortable (for us who like warm weather. If it’s too much move up in elevation ). And a couple other perks - the majority of the produce is grown in the Chiriquí highlands so we get all the fresh veggies and fruits we want every day. Boquete is right up the road with a lot of expats and all their activities. If you want live music, photography club, theater, yoga, and a ton of other activities it’s close by. Beaches aren’t far in the other direction. You probably figured by now that we are really happy here 😁

Best of luck in your search. Start working on your Spanish

You are in Wichita KS? I met my husband in Manhattan KS and we both lived there for quite a few years. Then we moved to FL, and now here. Small world...

my place in cerro cama is over an acre garden paradise 100 trees fertile soil 5 minutes to lake gatun on a hill overlooking lake ,, town 5 minutes away has an ambulance in town 10 bucks to a major hospital less than 30 minutes away at chorrerra that has a price mart and a reba smoith american style grocery store that has everything you can buy in the usa we lived there seven years raised quail , rabbits , guenne fowl , chickens , pigs and Labradors for rent but need to sale appraises at 233,000 take 190,000

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It would be more appropriate to post an ad on the Housing in Panama section.You will have more chances of getting in touch with potential buyers.

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