My spass got approved but banned of entering to Singapore

Hi everyone, my name is yani, and let me tell you my experience.

Last May 2, I entered singapore with a tourist visa that came from the Philippines, i then decided to why not find a job, and luckily after staying in for 20days I got a job, but still havent key-in yet to MOM, and so one the 23rd kn the same mo th I decided to go JB so I can avoid overstaying, i decided to stay in JB for 3 days and then come back in singapore but unfortunately, ICA send me back to JB as they found out that I have a pass pending in MOM in which I denied when they ask me, as I didnt know that my company already key-in my application on the site, and so I just decided to stay in JB for the meantime while I wait for my IPA to come out so I can come in, then the day came in my iPA was approved i print it and go in to singapore, I showed them my pasport together with my IPA then it gets misserable, ICA inform me that i was banned on entering to singapore, and taht I have to file an appeal.

Questions are:
1. How will I appeal to ICA, what sorts of words I need to write on my appeal
2. Do I have to have a local sponsor which is singaporean/pr
3. How long will it take, until I can enter again
4. Will my pass, still on track and not be withdrawn
5. What steps I have to do

I was really confused until now, but still not loosing hope. I will appreciate every single answer that I can get from here.

Advance thank you!
Yani ✌️

Short trips to neighbouring countries are NOT a good idea!
It is always better to contact ICA and get an extension if you want to stay longer.
Now you got into trouble and are banned. To lift the ban, you must contact ICA, too, and ask them what to do to start your (already approved) work in Singapore.
Good luck - and don't do it again!

You did a big mistake going JB then tried to enter after 3 days, this is a violation of immigration rule here.

It's always a wise decision that before you do act on anything, you should know the law, the pros and cons of it. You were banned due to that. In current immigration rule, you must be outside minimum 5 calendar days before you try to enter. This information  we have mentioned many times in this forum.

See my reply to your queries:

Questions are:
1. How will I appeal to ICA, what sorts of words I need to write on my appeal
Expat forum - You can provide your passport details and incident which is why you were banned. Request them to advise when the ban will be lifted.

2. Do I have to have a local sponsor which is singaporean/pr
Expat forum- To appeal, it's not mandatory but if you have then it's good.

3. How long will it take, until I can enter again
Expat forum- Depends on ICA, they will reply (response may come after 1 week or 2 weeks)

4. Will my pass, still on track and not be withdrawn
Expat forum- it depends on your employer, if they want then can be withdrawn anytime.

5. What steps I have to do
Expat forum- Already informed where you went wrong and what to do in future.

Note: Spend time to go through the threads in various categories as we have addressed all these questions in past.

Good luck


I am new here. I would like to know if there is any possibility that my IPA will be rejected.

I went to Singapore as a tourist and declared to stay fpr only 7 days; however, I stayed for almost a month and went back to my home country 2 days prior to the end lf my visit pass.

When I was at Changi Aiport, Immigration officers interrogated me and asked my phone. And I honestly told them that I was trying to find a job but I didnt find one so that is why I am leaving. They took photos of my emails from schools indicating that I wasnt hired.

They also checked my whatsapp and took photos of it , too. In there they saw my conversation from a Singaporean Agent and we had convos there that I was seeking help for me to get hired. But she was not my current agent. I have a different agentwho helped me to be able to get a job before leaving and I was able to manage deleting my convos with her.

Before leaving the Immigration officers said so you were trying to find a job in the childcare industry and typed it in his computer, Then afterwards he took my photo and my thumbmarks. Then allowed me to go back to my country.

My question is , would this affect my application for IPA?

thank you!

@irBSomb Please do not post the same content multiple times. I have removed your other posts. Next time this happens, you will be banned from this forum!

I assume you want to apply for a work pass, as an IPA ("In-Principle Approval") cannot be applied for.

Whether the described event affects it depends on whether you are banned from entering Singapore or not. Ask ICA!

(Note: Enployment agents do more harm than good in Singapore, so I recommend you contact potential employers directly instead.)

Oh I'm so sorryyy.

They did not mentioned that I am banned from entering Singapore or not.

Also, I already got hired from an international school.

My agent said that we need to lie low before processing my papers.

Do you think this might affect my applications?

@irBSomb Lying low will not help. I suggest you ditch this agency, which apparently doesn't know what they are talking about They don't even know the difference between IPA and work pass!?!), and deal with the employer's HR directly. Also, contact ICA as I said earlier!