New to French Polynesia and looking to connect

I am Amy and I am a 28 year old Australian who has moved to French Polynesia to accompany my partner who has a job in science. I have had no luck in finding any work in my field (school teacher) and don't know if there are jobs for me as a beginners French speaker. We live near Vairao which is almost 2 hours drive from Papeete.
Without work I have found it hard to meet anyone and I was hoping to see if like-minded expats or locals might see this forum post and maybe want to connect to get out and do fun things?
I am loving Tahiti so far! Just wish it could be a little bit more social.
Kind regards,

was  an  australian girl in  marquesas 10 years  ago
she  gave  private  english lessons  worked  well
may  be  put   adverts  at  schools  and  shops?

would  have  met  ,yu  with pleasure   but  live in marquesas 
sorry  what s  yur  friend s job in  science?researh?teaching?

Nice to meet you, online! Yes he is in research. I love your suggestion and would do it, however am currently on a "visitor" visa so I think it would be illegal. I think I need a business or company to sponsor me for a work permit before I can get a working visa...

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