Just new in bali

Hello bali

Hi there, how are you guys ? Wish all of u guys doing well. Im suci n just moved to bali from jakarta on monday for work to a media app company. but i dont hv friends just few here if anyone need friend to beach or nature im here, ps : i dont like party .. i tried use tinder but wasnt work people there wierd lol so pls hive me a clue for making friend here.

Thanks u

Hi and welcome to the forum.
I'm in Jakarta at the moment so I can't help you directly, but good luck in finding nice people to chill with.

Thanks fred , let me know when you back to bali maybe can do run on the beach

Thanks for the thought but my wife would be most upset if I went running with another lady. :)

I am living near of lumajang. east jawa. I can but my poket is empty.  :)
I am all time free.. my whatsapp *** thank you

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Hi Suc,

And welcome to Indonesia. you'll find it to be a lovely country full of friendly people. I will be in Bali quite soon, am probably going to move there soon. I enjoying running on the beach, but mostly on the lower part where the sand is quite wet because the sand higher up is just too dry and soft for me to run.

All the best.

Im sorry i cant help you, im not rich also i have to work find money n far away from my father, i wish u have money soon


i will be in bali early june if you want to meet up for a chat and a meal

Perhaps join a gym, or try working from a co-working space? Try the Dojo in Canggu you'll make friends in no time.

Im living in Bali but at the moment im on holiday in Bangkok then hongkong.. Wil be back soon... Welcome to Bali

hello guys,
i am sahil, I am from India
i visit jakarta often for my work,
looking to come to bali for somedays to rest and relax,
so want local or traveler friends to hangout.

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