Residency question again.


Well it's now 7 years living here in the DR, North coast Sosua/Cabarete.

We have yet to procure our permanent residency.

We were told we could do it last year and then told we couldn't.
This from the attorney we've been using since we arrived in 2011.

This year she informs us we can do the permanent which will
cost double what we normally pay and we must go through the
physical etc that we did the first time.

However, this permanent residency will only last 1 year and we then
have to do it all over again next year for 4 year temporary permanent residency.

Anyone out there have info one someone that actually knows something about this?
Any info is welcome.
Jim Lehenbauer

The entire concept of permanent residency is ridiculous. It isnt permanent at all.

Reach out to Wilson Rood wilsonrood[at]

He is knowledgeable with fair pricing!

Thank you!!!

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