Filipina moving to Belgium

Hello im from Philippines engaged with my boyfriend from belgium.
We are now currently processing marriage visa c. We plan to get married soon when papers are approved.

I would like to have new friends living in Belgium. Filipino, Filipina or any nationality is okay.

Hello Juna,

I am living in Ghent area, if you would like to meet up please let me know. Congratulations on your up coming wedding, cheers!


Hi Juna!

I'm also engaged to my Belgian BF. We've known each other for two years and we have lived together but now he's back in Belgium. What steps have you taken for the marriage visa application? We're also planning to start our application soon.

Thanks in advance!

Hi im a Belgium wanting to mary a Filipina in november. I got birth certificate and proove of singleness. Also papers for church if you want to get married for church. These papers translated be flanderstranslation and officialised. Than appointment with Belgian embassy in Manila and than hope to get a spouce visa by filling in the form on the website of the Belgian embassy of Manila. A lot of paperwork and administration but the lady is worth every effort.

Ah forgot also appointment for seminar both community and church.

Sorry for the late reply,
Do u have facebook , what ur acct?
add me ***
im not usually active here in expat 😊

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HEllo Juna,

i need your help regarding about the marriage visa in belgium. i am an Filipino living now in UAE and my Fiance is Romania living in Belgium. we decided to get married in belgium.

what are the requirements and Step by Step procedure for the Marriage visa.

please i hope you could help me out.

julie :)

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