Moving to Bergen

Dear all,
my name is Paola. I have just recived a job offer in Bergen, but I am not sure if I could afford living in this beautiful city with the salary they offered (around 450,000NOK/year --> around 280,000NOK/year after taxes). I am moving in Bergen alone, but I would like to rent a small apartment in the city center (so no shared apartments/rooms).
Could you tell me if, in your opinion, it would be possibile to live there with such salary?
Do you have any suggestion?
I really appreciate your help :)
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Paola! Bergen is indeed a beautiful city, ehem and expensive too (like everywhere else here in Norway). Your monthly budget will lie mostly on your house rent - you can check ads on , your transpo , your lifestyle (eating in restaurants + pubs are really expensive, )  and other financial info that might help you assess your future situation HERE. Hope it helps!

Thank you Alina for your help!

Finally some recent post. !!! Thanks GOD! :) April 2018
Hi ledies ,hoping you are still using this page ,
I'm moving from Malta  to Bergen this summer.
After all I couldn't find some active nomads here, just a lot of different informations and old posts which are not helping much.
Any ways ,as I'm working in corporate service field and I don't speak Norsk. I was wondering are they any foreign companies ?
as I'm speaking 5 languages is it difficult to track something down ?

any suggestions much appreciated! 


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