Immigration law enforcement - Take care !

Scott, I understand where you are coming from.  No real evidence just hearsay, propaganda and propaganda is devastating this country.

However, you have to admit, that if they choose to send you back or stop you from coming in they will.  Bribery does not always work.  Things are changing.

and again, it always depends.  If you know anything about this country, then you should know who to call when you get into a jam and the right phone call gets you a free pass...

Used it many times...:)

STOP! I will not tolerate the escalation.

We have information that has been provided. Either discuss is reasonably without escalating or we don't want your input PERIOD.

There have been warnings that this may start happening.

Clearly its happened.

Now the poster will  need more then a tourist card to get back into the country.  Get a residency visa to come back.  That is your best option at this time.  We have recommended Lishali (Lily) a few times. She really does know what she is doing. Contact her and get her advice on this.

Jefe by the way can be a term referring to anyone who appears to be the boss!

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Hi all,

I know I'm late to the party, but I was denied entry at SDQ on Wednesday and detained for 4 hours before being escorted onto a plane to Miami.  All because jefe was pissed I overstayed 4 months before leaving in May.  How do I remedy this so I can return to my apartment in las Terrenas?

Some posters aren't reading completely the above post which is a personal account and request for information!

What documentation would he have?? The only thing I can think of is a banned stamp in his passport and my guess he didn't get that, so hopefully there is a way back.

This gentleman is a retiree and maybe has been following the misinformation posted on various social media by a few stawart deniers who ignore and forget  the written formal warnings given by the Interior Ministry and Police last year to all the foreign missions, who updated their travel advisories accordingly, and was overstaying the now permitted maximum 60 days thinking paying the overstay fee is still a safe bet.

Give him the respect he is due for posting and so sharing his harrowing account of being back roomed for 4 hours before being shipped back home, and try and offer some support to get his life back in Las Terrenas rather than bickering trying to justify ones misdemeanors. I've sent him a PM with information how to contact Lishali.

I have removed most of the escalated posts. If you cannot have a civil conversation without name calling and behaving like 8 year old i will remove you!

Be civil.

Anyone posting on here has no requirement to poat "proof" unless you are naming names.  There is no reason not to believe it is happening.   All of us would love to know exactly what is going on, when, why and where.  We also know that isnt going to happen.

Take the warnings for what they are!

Certainly , this topic is a hot one.
It will be interesting to see the reaction when one of the 'deniers' is affected.

Not a routine thing - being refused - but in the realm of possibility.
As we see here.

IMO - the idea of refusing entry for overstay is to send you back to begin the residency process.
Sort of-
Don't try this again - get the proper paperwork

Nothing to fear but fear itself

I have had residency since Day One... and now citizenship.

THe only true way to protect your rights and your assets in this country.

Absolutely true,I can't believe people think they can just camp out in another country indefinitely and not aquire the proper paperwork,as I told one disbeliever yesterday something that my grandfather used to say Everything is legal until you get caught,these disbelievers haven't been caught, YET

JRP55 :

... immigration is not obligated to get you to your home city only your home country,and if you can't afford the cost of a last minute ticket you stay in jail until the date of your original departure ticket

That could be very painful.

absolutely correct

at YOUR expense --
next US bound flight
regardless of destination


sit in the slammer until your return ticket comes around

The thought of being refused is scary enough

The How They Do It is absolutely terrifying

something one might choose to avoid

I believe that some random people will be send back because they overstay, who will be the lucky one, who knows, as far as I know when you come into a country and they let you stay only fro 30 days that is clearly stated on the tourist card rules after that period you are not legal in the country, no matter migration charge you a fee when you leave.

Remember the migration system is a new one and it looks like is working.

Your remark made me think of something my grandfather would say when we went fishing.
Its only illegal if you get caught and season is something you cook with.
Thanks for triggering a old memory.

Posted on Facebook today in a realitive new FB Group:

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Hello everyone , I have a question , we have been denied entry in Dominican Republic last November , for no reason given , in December we went back and got in , we stayed for over 3 months , my wife tried to go back in June and got denied again , with no reason , has this happened to anyone ? we are planning another trip but afraid they won't let us in again , could it be because we over stayed our stay in the country ? If anyone can answer our questions it would be much appreciated...thank you

Which port of entry did come thru?

I see that a little insane what some Guys here posting . Did not let you in with no Reason? Knowing that You before did overstay ? I think it is simply not fair that some People come in to this Country ,immigrating illegal for a while and go out to come back to complain how dare this Authorities to not let you do it again . Pardon? Would that be possible in your Country? So many Times I hear that Dominicans are so bad , and I answer many Times:... "and some People even using it in their Favor" .  I do not see what is good in this to come to this Country for to stay illegal no matter the Time and on top some rent or even buy Property without having a legal Status. Really? A legal Residence is not only some sort of Card to take Money from you it also makes you being legal and this Way having some Rights beside of Voting . The other site it is not fair to the Others who do everything to stay legal with all the Cost  .                                                                         The Only Way to stay out of this Problems is to stay legal, ALL THE TIME !

Denied entry is happening frequently for overstayers of other nationalities than Europeans and North Americans. The immigration officers have been told to apply the law in these cases as I was told at SDQ recently by the supervising officer. If you are from Venezuela, Cuba, some other Latin American countries  Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and even the Caribbean beware if you overstay.

They in general ignore previous overstayers from Europe and North America and the supervising officer stated that a supposed friend from the UK who comes for 2 to 3  months every year on a tourist visa would be OK this winter for entry based upon previous overstays.

But the problem clearly is that immigration officers know overstayers can be denied entry, so if a European or North American upsets them or they are having a bad day, you can be on your way back home with little explanation.

It is perhaps a slanted lottery right now and the winners are still on a relatively good safe bet. The losers are still few and far between.

Upto 120 days legally is still possible according to the DGM moderator on the DGM forum. Residency is still relatively easy for those that qualify.

"Upto 120 days legally is still possible according to the DGM moderator on the DGM forum. Residency is still relatively easy for those that qualify."

What exactly does this mean? I know of NO legal way to stay as a tourist for  120 days? So, I am asking what this is? … e-turista/

I have no reason to ask for more information from DGM but on their forum but you can read that 120 days is possible according to them.

I would also add that in the francophile forum it has been discussed that the 120 day is possible.

As a Canadian Citizen do we need a visa for 3 week visit?

The tourist card visa included in your ticket is a 30 day visa

Every incoming ticket has one
No application necessary

According to that forum this is the answer:

Good afternoon,

– You can extend the stay for more than 30 days, with a letter requesting extension of stay which you deposit in correspondence. I will attach the requirements below.


1- Letter of request for extension of permanence addressed to the D.G.M.

2- Passport valid for a minimum of six (6) months after the extension.

3-Air ticket / Maritime of return

4- An address in the Dominican Republic along with the letter.

5- medical certificate issued by an authorized physician with its due exequatur

6- Economic solvency tests

7- The payment of the planned fees

AS I understand it this is a tourism VISA and not for a tourism CARD.

So later they say this:

Yes, only for 60 more days that they start counting from the 60 days they have to be here legally, then they will have a total stay of 120 days.

WHICH I understand to mean:

Tourism Card - 30 days
Tourism card extension - 30 days.
THEN apply for extension of  60 days as above!   

I know absolutely no one who is going to do this. But apparently it is possible to get  120 days .  Then you gotta get out.


that's about 4 too many hoops for the average Joe !!!

Lennox's investigation seems to allay the fears of NoAmericans

WW, it wont be around for ever and I doubt if the visa/permitted maximum stay will change either. What could change is the ease of extending to get a longer stay but nobody has any interest in actually finding out least of all we residents and citizens.

We have reached a point where overstayers continue to overstay and hope they don't lose the next lottery. And if they do...again no ideas...other than find somewhere better with no application of immigration law too.

I think the balance is right on this forum where specualtion, even mine above, jas to be kept to a minimum and the rules, current situation and events with a modicum of opinions and advice get posted for expats to make their own decisions individually.

I really do try to keep a balance!

Agreed...forewarned is forearmed

We perhaps should focus on residency a bit more

I expect some feel that they cannot have residency while residing elsewhere
Perfectly viable here ot get residency w/o giving up your 'main' residency.

Residency make life easier--- length of stays, health insurance, driving
A variety of things

Not the least - Peace of Mind

planner, thank  you for posting the stupid, ridiculous,  and ludicrous steps you have to do through to extend a 30 day tourist card. 

At least it proves one thingYou are illegally in the country after 30 days unless you take action to extend a tourist card.  It is proof of that. Otherwise such a procedure would not exist.

windeguy :

planner, thank  you for posting the stupid, ridiculous,  and ludicrous steps you have to do through to extend a 30 day tourist card. 

At least it proves one thingYou are illegally in the country after 30 days unless you take action to extend a tourist card.  It is proof of that. Otherwise such a procedure would not exist.

Now that you mention about those stupids and rediculous, etc step, make me wonder what a Dominican must do to extend their stay in countries like USA, or Canada for example, I know that also the visitor has to go an inmigration office to do it before expire the permit days of staying, maybe they have same stupid and ridiculous steps.

Hahahahaha that was a great reply.  Thank you!

What I intended from my message was that it would just make sense to create tourist visas or visitor visas and you qualify up front, like most other countries!

I'm getting very confused  On the one hand I'm told to extend the tourist card -and that's not easy on the other I'm told just pay your overstay when you leave  I've been doing that for 5 years I know technically you are illegal after 30 days but them someone on the forum sends me the overstays rates.  Can someone please tell me  I don't want to be denied entry.  Thanks


Riva has hit the nail on the head.

The requirements stated in the law are there to cover ALL nationalities. As is the case for him in the USA and other countries, some nationalities have to go through many more hoops to get and extend a particular visa stay.

The only case that I know of and as posted on social media of a foreigner from a favoured country writing to seek and extension of his tourist stay here, was granted without medical examination nor proof of economic support.

It could only begin to be described as it was, IF PEOPLE TRY and start by sending in the written request and report needing to go through the hoops.

But they won't, until such time more than just a very few people report having been denied entry following overstay and that isn't now.

ducketts, we are all confused. I did, as posted elsewhere, ask a hypothetical question to a senior immigration officer about a Brit who had previously overstayed and was coming this year and what would be the risk of denial. You were on my mind in raising that question. It would appear you are safe to go as previously.

Thanks very good of you.

Also my thinking is this  Maybe incorrect thinking.  As immigration actually publish a table of overstay fines as each time I and others have paid these fines ones assumes these published overstay fines are in use, otherwise why publish them.  It's sounds very simple I know!


Unfortunately underneath the DGM tariff table is a note which reads:

b.      Este pago no supone una prorroga que autorice al nacional extranjero a permanecer en el país.

- the payment does not authorize your extended stay.

lennoxnev :

Unfortunately underneath the DGM tariff table is a note which reads:

b.      Este pago no supone una prorroga que autorice al nacional extranjero a permanecer en el país.

- the payment does not authorize your extended stay.

Thank you for pointing that out. Paying an overstay fee does not make the overstay legal.

Well Ducketts, look at it like this, they publish traffic fines in North America.  If you have a violation, they fine you.  If you don't pay the fine, they don't allow you to renew your license or vehicle ownership.  Eventually if the violation is severe, they put you in jail. 

Did you break the law or not?

Publishing is a simple way to let you know there are consequences.

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