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I'm planning on moving to Oslo later in the year and wondered if anyone can recommend some Norwegian language courses that they have personally tried? I'm aware of several options with Folkeuniversitet, Lingu etc. but it's hard to find reviews of the courses themselves. Alternatively if anyone has had success with online courses I'd be grateful to hear about these too as I'm hoping to get a head start with the language before I move. I'm working with Duolingo at the moment, but would like a course with an actual teacher alongside this.

i like Alfraskolen but it is not an online school.

Thanks! I'll take a look at Alfaskolen when I move to Norway, but for now I've decided to take the online course with Lingu. I'm blogging about the experience if anyone else is interested in taking this course!


I did a course from UCL and Westminster university before moving to Oslo. These were part time courses and very economical. teachers were form Norway.

Later I used Pimsleur  Norwegian Audio course, it was also good for speaking and listening skills.

DuoLingo App is also a good solution from beginner to intermediate level.

I agree with fornight about Alfraskolen, I also heard good things about them.

I hope above will help.

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I started my journey with "Teach Yourself Norwegian" - fantastic book with very intuitive CDs to help with pronunciation.

I'm now fluent, but wouldn't be without using this resource!

Good luck!

Thanks! I've been looking at that book so I'll give it a try! :)
How long would you say it took you to become fluent?

Good stuff! It’s really very good!

It must have taken about 4 years to start really understanding. If you’re already there, this can be much quicker!

Ok, takk! I am still definitely a beginner - long way to go!

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