House for rent in Jomtien, Pattaya

Dear all

This summer I am going to Pattaya and I want to check possibilities to find a 2 bedded House with private swimming pool and terrace in Jomtien Area for long time rent.

My question to you is therefore, what can you recommend me how to search:

Drive around the area personaly  ?
check real estate compagnies ?
ask in a bar where there are expats ?
Internet ?
News paper?

Unfortunately I do not speak or understand Thai.

Thank you very much and kind regards

I would start by googling "Houses for Rent in Jomtien".  Several websites will come up and show you listings.  You can email the agents and someone will reply back.  What I found, is that lots of homes are left in the system but not available, but the agents will use them as leads to get clients. You can tell the agent what you're looking for and they will find available listings to show you.
That's what I would do.

Oh yes, very good. Thank you very much for that advice.

Hi there
What is your budget? And is 3 beds ok for you?

[at] Jimmyt2stand > If you have any accommodation to offer, i invite you to post an ad in the housing in Pattaya section.

Thanks and Regards,

Priscilla team  :cheers:


I suggest to google it at the beginning to find some properties or residences you like and then get in touch with a real estate agency. Commission is paid by the owner so do not hesitate.


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