Buying Land or Property in Pattaya


Hello to you all:-)

A question please well maybe a few.
Now I have read that westerners cannot own land or own a property correct?
That your Thai partner will have Her/His name on the deed for land and property.
So my question is how come there are real estate agents selling condos and land/ properties?

Forgive me If I am being a bit thick but how can they do this? and what is the way around this?
If I am with a Thai partner married or not married just living together then the deed is in her name or mine? as if we split up then the property goes to her yes? and I am left with nothing?
But If I live with a European partner can I still buy some land/property and it will be in both our names?

Thanks for all your replies.
Eddie(British Expat currently living and working in Holland).

You are allowed to buy and own a condo provided foreigners don't own more than 49% of the total square meters of all the units combined.

When it comes to property for your purpose only Thai's can own land in this country.
You can own the house that may be build on the land but the land must be Thai owned.

Agents and many of the lawyers will sell you on the idea of forming a Thai company which can own land.  The first problem you can only own 49% of the company and the remaining 51% must be Thai owned.  Many of these companies have clause giving majority voting right to the 49% owner which gives them control of the land and that violates the basic law.  For every lawyer that says its legal you will find one that says its not.

My UK husband, he bought many houses & lands and sold many too on company name with no problem.

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