House rentals

We are looking for a 2 bedroom house that would allow a dog somewhere in Pattaya. 20 k  or less any ideas.

Hello MKeil52,

I saw you post about wishing to rent a house in Pattaya, at which the owner will accept a dog.

I might be able to help and have a few questions...
1) What breed of dog is it (large or small dog)?
2) Will the dog live outside the house, inside the house, or both?
3) Is your dog well behaved, meaning does it bark a lot?

Best regards,

We have not got a dog yet but we will when we get settled here

This is a interesting post to me, I am in a bit of the same situation.  I have 2 declawed cats and will be moving to Pattaya Mid 2020.  I know condos dont accept pets.  is there enough houses in Central area that would be affordable and accept my cats?

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