Early retirement is calling my name...

Hello all,

My name is Carolyn I currently reside in Florida and have worked for 28 years in the 911/law/fire/rescue dispatch center. I hope to achieve early retirement and plan to move to Guatemala within a year from now.  I am bi-lingual, of Colombian/Italian heritage and my fiance is Guatemalan.  While he does own land in Guatemala, it is not in the area where we plan to reside. (I would like to live close to his elderly parents in Taxisco/Monterrico area.

I realize as in most areas of the planet - there is corruption and crime.  I also know that Guatemala has beautiful areas and am fortunate that my fiancee and his family are experienced farmers.

Any suggestions are welcome, I especially would like to know if it is worth transporting furniture or would it make more sense (less costly) to buy furniture once in Guatemala less?
* Although I would assume that if you own a vehicle, you probably should have that transported. 

I am excited and anxious to relocate as soon as possible.

I would not bring any large furniture, appliances. They are all available here. I have been here 25 years check out my book on Amazon - Living in Guatemala. If you have any questions email me at ***

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Hi ! Welcome to Guatemala then !
I live near Lake Atitlan, where many expats are working but also retiring (even early ahah). The region is safe, the climate ideal year-round, and many activities are available to meet people (hikes, yoga class, markets, bars, concerts, etc ...)
Plus, there are many beautiful houses to buy in the area, just like this one :
realestateatitlan.com/cerro-de-oro-lake … front-pool

Good luck!

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