Community map of Phnom Penh + Questions and more questions.

Hello all,

I am 5 months away from moving to Phnom Penh from Canada for a period two years (at least). I am interested in locating an apartment within a reasonable walk/bike ride to the island of Koh Pich and have been perusing the listings on this site over the last few weeks. At one point, I had found a community map (I believe through google maps?) and for the life of me, I can not seem to get back to that page (oh, murphy). Does anyone know of a way to access that? I liked the google map version because I could zoom into the neighborhood via street view to determine proximity to grocery stores, bike friendly routes to work, and if the neighborhood looks like it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I do have a couple of additional questions, if you could ease my incessant wondering that would be  much appreciated (!!):

1. How do I determine if my (necessary) pharmaceuticals are available through reliable sources?
2. I have been googling (is that actually a verb now?) about many things: grocery stores, stores that sell housewares (what is available and the cost), where to buy a decent commuter bike and/or scooter, what kind of bike supplies are available (water bottle cages, spare tubes, chain lube, etc), are there reputable stores that sell second-hand goods, or buy n'sell sites for expats, where can I source out decent but inexpensive prosecco  (don't worry I found a couple of places already; priorities, right?) plus many more silly but relevant things.......
3.  Do Cambodian banks have on-line banking for e-mail money transfers, etc?
4.  Are the dollar amounts listed on this site and others for rental properties typically USD ?
5. Are Service apartments key access with security and cleaning services included (my guess based on the listings)?
6. I took a stroll through the mall via Google maps, but I didn't see any clothing stores that may have sizes that cater to taller, broader North American body types (As far as I can tell, the Khmer population are mini by comparison). Unfortunately, I Googled Walmart even though, as rule, I don't typically shop there but I was looking for similar styles of shopping (mostly looking for backup should local market shopping lack an item or two here and there).
7. How easy/difficult is it to travel independently to surrounding countries without a car (via public transportation), or with a scooter on a budget for a weekend? Is it best to look for a used vehicle for those times?

Thank you in advance to anyone who spends their time answering these questions. I am really looking forward to exploring Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and if I'm lucky and can afford it, the whole of SE Asia, and I appreciate any information that will help me pack and plan accordingly!

Your fellow wanderer,


Well transportation is easy and cheap, bicycle are to be found by ordessy market nice used only 40-60$ yes most western apartments do have furnished and have a tv cable with usually WiFi , but all do not have cleaning services , easy to find anything at the outdoor markets in every neighborhood, pots pans food soap you name it they got it cheaper, but aeon shopping center has a big lucky store with many things, but you will find outdoor markets are best, I use my atm card withdraw money about 5$ a transaction, things are cheap, bargain for your apartment, khmers shop in there own areas so you will not have any problems finding household or food items , so many places repair motors and fix bicycles they are all over that too you won’t have to look , to get a bus to Thailand about 15$ to go air asia one way 40$ , it’s very very easy to get transportation to another country, the bus will even pick you up at your hotel or apartment, very very easy, you can go to central or Russian market and find larger size cloths , especially shirts , 2$ , almost all apartments have a key access, many have a 24 hour security guard although not really needed , pretty safe here some bag snatching , but basically no violence, peaceful good people , hardly anyone goes to grocery’ stores but when you first arrive go to aeon mall and check the lucky out and wonderful cheap but great bakery , it really will be easier than you would expect good luck I’ve been here three years , no expert but I’m happy to help with questions


Thank you very much for the great info!

I like the name cheese monkey, pretty original! Look I see your a young girl, it’s not my business, but I want to talk to you like you were my daughter, don’t flash your iPhone, or even cell phone, especially while riding on a moto, or tuk tuk
2. Motos are cheaper transportation, for sure half, but if you were my daughter I would say take a tuk tuk,
3. Tuk tuk drivers need the money, as you will see , way to many on every street, so tell them what you will pay them don’t ask , be reasonable, tip them at most 50cents which is 2000 Reil , 7-10$ from the airport on a tuk tuk , tell them 7 start to walk they will take you, but always be kind with a good spirt while negotiating. Anywhere else in the city 2$-3$ nothing more , good luck!  Look Phnom Penh is safer than most if not all big cities in USA, please always take a tuk tuk  or taxi after dark, this is when most if not all snatch and run happens, but it’s a beautiful safe city, you will love it

Well, thank you, but I am not a young girl and I am a seasoned traveler. And it's Cheekemonkey, not Cheese monkey :)

Thanks again for the tips!

Oh I am sorry still cute name , you will be fine being a seasoned traveler, none of the issues you mentioned will be a problem for you ,

Hi there,

I believe your best bet, which would answer most of your questions, is the Toul Tom Pong area. It is somehow near Koh Pich, and the prices are reasonable compared to other parts of Phnom Penh. Here’s a link from google maps of Russian market and Toul Tom Pong area is surrounding it; Tuol Tom Poung Market
St 444, Phnom Penh
Also, there are some serviced apartments around the area with cleaning services, but they are more expensive than the usual.

I hope that helps and Good luck 👍🏼

He is Right more for your money in the Russian market area for sure

Thank you for taking the time to share some info with me, Muhamad!

All the best to you-


Hi Twinsguy20,
                             Hi Tom here, will arrange to catch up with you end of April when I arrive, but will need some advice from you before that regarding finding accommodation and who to contact. If ok with you can I PM you.

Kind regards


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