Moving to Puerto Rico

My husband and I along with my daughter, her husband and their children are all moving to P. R. in May. We are looking for a shipper to possibly bring 3 vehicles to the island for us. I am also trying to find out what the taxes will be once the vehicles are on the island. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

I believe Rey set up a folder for car shipping in the forum. Our posts on this topic are very detailed. Good luck!

Crowley typically ships most of the vehicles to PR, you can arrange to have the vehicle picked up at your place or drive it yourself to the port then fly from florida to PR.

For what it's worth, I checked on shipping one of my cars last night. I thought that I would price out the oldest. A 2006 Corolla has an excise tax of $867. Crowley shipping for from JAX to SJ was $1170, plus $250 for insurance up to $25,000 value if desired.

The link below will save a couple of steps navigating SURI. It will provide the amount of excise tax due. Crowley link is provided, too.


Click on: Services
Click on: Look Up Vehicle Information
I used: Look Up Value By VIN

Crowley Logistics

This is the company to use.... I've used them twice and recommended them to clients. … gJOJvD_BwE

I just shipped my car from Boston. I have a 2017 Chevy Volt and Hacienda (the PR tax authority) quoted me almost $7,000 in arbitrios (taxes?). Just letting you know that newer car taxes are pretty high.

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