Car titles

How long does it take to get a PR title for an imported car after all the paperwork is done and you have the plates?

Usually the same day. If they have to mail it a week or two. But most cases are handled the same day.

We have been waiting over a year now.

Not sure what you mean by title. The ownership title you should have it from your dealer or bank when the car was payed. If you took a car loan, typically the bank holds the title and then sends it to you after the car is payed off.
Car registration you usually get at the moment you register your car unless their computers or printers were having an issue.

A title to a vehicle in Florida. Car title. I presume PR has the equivalent. I have the title. I presume I have to surrender it to register it in PR. What is the word they use to describe the document that proves I own it?

You should get the tittle at the time you process all the paperwork. If you don't have the tittle, you can go to any CESCO office and obtain one as long as the car is free of any leans. We purchased a car and got the tittle the same day we did the transfer to our name.

Just so that I am not confusing someone, I am importing a car to PR with a Florida title in my name. I want to register the car in PR and undoubtedly I will need to surrender the Florida title. That's my question, how long to get a PR title in that scenario.

Once the car gets to PR, the port will notify you and you will have to make arrangements to pick it up. Youhave to pay the taxes in Hacienda and then get tags in CESCO. At that time they will give you anew tittle and registration.

sandrarduncan :

We have been waiting over a year now.

I will suggest going to the CESCO office and request one to be issued. We got our car tittle at the Mayaguez office in less than an our.

I shipped my car and they didn't issue another title that I know of.  They took my original title from Texas and put it in their files.  I think that is what they use here.

Really? PR holds the previous state's title and use that for their file and not issue a PR title? How odd is that.

If so, how are you supposed to ship it to the VI next year if you move for example, or sell it, or use it for bank collateral, or a number of other things that you may need proof of ownership of what may be a very highly expensive piece of personal property?

I believe they do issue a new tittle, since you will need to have the PR tittle if you decide to sell the vehicle in the future.

I stand corrected.  I see the PR title here in my files.  They issued it the same day I went to CESCO.

Sorry for the confusion.

I have a friend, who says they cant get a car title. Because thwy are under 21.  Anyime know about this. The car is from puerto rico
I cant find any information on this online

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