What do I need to know to sell my car in Puerto Rico

Well, after three years, I just found out that I will be leaving the island in March. However, I need to sell my car, already paid off, before I go and I'm not sure how the process works. In Illinois, the owner of the car simple signs over the title and the new owner then registers the car in their name. If any one can help me answer the following questions I'd greatly appreciate it.

What is involved in the registration/transfer of the title in the new owners name? I've heard I also have to go to Hacienda.

What is a common form of payment in private car sales? Cashier's check, cash?

Are there any scams that I should be aware of.


Hi, not really the expert, but as far as I know, you got to go together with buyer to the facility wait a line for having the fines checked (that they are paid). Than go to another line, show your documents (both ppl have to be registered in PR system - so buyer need SSN, the proof of address, birth certificate and whatever else depending on clerks whim and mood) then you pay the fee and title is transferred. (I recommend to get money in cash. Highly recommend! And see to it. But I guess even that can go wrong here)  I would not just hand the title here and let them register to their convenience. Lot of things may go wrong, they may cause accident...and with Police abilities, common sense, law and their application of it...I can imagine how that would go. God protect you then!

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