Hello from Billy

Hello everyone,

My name is Billy and I live in Homestead, Florida near the top of the Florida keys. I speak fluent English, and my wife speaks fluent Arabic and English. I speak basic Spanish and  a little French.

In the past I have lived and worked in Europe. I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find your way in a new country.

I am willing to try to answer questions about living here in the United States and help with the English language and what ever I can do to make you welcome here in America.

My wife was born in Beirut Lebanon and became a citizen of this country, so we have some idea of that process. 

I have traveled extensively in the United States and understand the culture well.

So..what ever help I can provide, please feel free to ask



Hi, Billy, my name is Maureen Harris I have recently joined this forum, and I am also from Florida.

Hi Maureen,

Welcome to the forum and hello. Hope everything is going well with you and just reach out if I can be of any assistance.

Best wishes,


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