Can the spouse of work permit holder work?

Hello everyone,

I would be joining a luxury boutique resort in Providenciales next month and my wife would be accompanying me as well.

I just wanted to know, would my wife be allowed to take up employment in the islands  (she would be under my sponsorship...)?

Please enlighten...

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you would need to check your work permit, spouses are usually endorsed to reside in the island but this doesnt always come with the right to work.

Your employer should be able to clarify as will the copy of your work permit.

If in doubt the answer is probably no, she cant work off your work permit.

She will be required to have her own work permit to work.


spouses on your work permit cannot work.  She would have to have her own work permit.

I moved here from the UK and my hubby joined me and had to get his own work permit.  All work permits are tied to the employer - if you change jobs you need to get a new work permit and leave the island (usually).