Hello all;
I am heading to TCI this winter for my first trip.  I am hoping to buy some land there while visiting.  Nothing extravagant or near the water.  It is not even close to our budget.  We have been following the real estate market for about a year now and do see some decent lots in our humble price range on Provo.

One thing I am having trouble finding is cost of building in TCI.  Some web sites suggest building as low as $100 sq. ft.  while others start at $400 a sq. ft.  If anyone can give me some idea as to what building costs that would be great.  I am thinking either block or poured concrete would be the best choice.  3 bed and 2 bath, around 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. and a patio area that is at least partially covered.

  I do concrete work and may even go for just a shell of a building and finish off everything else myself.  I have done concrete kitchens for others and would not mind doing it for myself.  I have seen concrete furniture and would have no trouble doing this also.  Floors, patios, driveways, counter tops, cladding, tables, concrete tiles, stamped, smooth, stained, etc. I can do all this and more so I may not need any flooring, countertops and so on...

Sorry if this is starting to sound like I am looking for work, just trying to give enough info to get good info back.
Thanks to all who read and respond.

Hi I am also interested in hearing any reply's for your question :D good luck


I just saw your post and hope you got answers before mine! 
We are in the final architectural stages of our new home.  I hope I can help you a bit with your question...

Our architect told us that indeed, the cost to build can be as low as $100/sf for the bare minimum type amenities to as high as $500/sf for absolute high end products.  Our home will run approximately $200-250/sf since we want some custom work done, solar, tile, granite, a pool, etc.  our home design is one of the simplest to build being one story and a rancher-style home.  Many folks build a 2-story home in which they can rent out one of the floors to help off set the building costs.

He stated to us to set the maximum limit on our spending because on the islands it is very easy to get carried away!  You have to keep in mind that you will have to ship in quite a bit of product from the states and other nearby countries (ie Dominican Republic) and that will be adding $$ to the already paid product that you bought from the states. 

Good builders and architects are around and you need to do your homework and talk with as many builders as you can...  We are building on Grand Turk and are going with a very well known builder there after being shown by him his projects.  Because of the size of his business he is able to get the subcontractors we will need as well as product at a lower rate than trying to do it ourselves or hiring a small firm.

You have to keep in mind that the TCIs do get hit with hurricanes once in a while so it is detrimental to make sure you work with a structural engineer to ensure that the finished product will survive!

We began the designing of our home back in June, 2014 and our architect stated that it could take a few months to get government approval so we were hoping for October to at least clear the land... 

Hope this helps some!!

If you would like further information or suggestions please let me know!