Nursing in TCI

I'm just going through the visa process as I have been offered a job at Cheshire hall as a registered nurse.  I'm hoping to be moving over from the UK around mid August this year. 
Has anyone else on here done this or in the process of moving?
Any hints and tips gratefully received and maybe friendships ready for when I get there :)

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hey Kimberly, how can i help?

i made the move nearly 5 years ago from an island off the coast of UK.

@skip84  Hi are you working as a nurse at the hospital?

@skimbles31 are you working at the hospital?

Hello Cricri45,

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Are you too looking for a nursing job at the hospital?

You are more likely to get feedback if you start a new thread on the Turks and Caicos Islands forum to ask your questions and discuss with more active people.

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Cheryl team

@Cricri45 hi

i worked on NICU at the hospital here on Providenciales for 13 months. I am working in a private primary care practice now.

If you apply just remember everything happens really slowly on island.  It is a frustrating process but absolutely worth it.  If I can help in any way drop me a line xx

@Cheryl  apologies for responding straight away! Unfortunately there is a time difference and I work full time.

@Cricri45 no i am not

@skimbles31 Hi I'm a NICU nurse too ! I would love to work at the hospital , how was your experience ?

@skimbles31 Hi thanks for the answer, I'm a NICU nurse and would like to work at the hospital or in a pediatric clinic is it possible, I'm waiting for my accreditation

@Cricri45 not enough staff. 3 of us to cover 24/7.  Expected to cover the small unit, be on hand for theatre and delivery   Also to cannulate babies and children in general ward and ED.  Nights and days mixed so little work life balance.  Minimum of 4x 12 hr shifts a week. 

I work in a primary care facility now :)


I am NICU nurse .also i al looking for s job in Turks and Caicos how can i do it


Hello search google for Nursing jobs in Turks and Caicos Islands, you fill find open vacancies on google and LinkedIn. Apply, send them your cv.

@Yamila45 contact HR at cheshire halls medical centre on this number   +1 (649) 243-8892

they are looking for nicu nurses    Tell them kimberley fisher put you forward