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Hello.  I'm currently in Santiago de los Caballeros on a tourist visa.  I go back home often enough so that I don't overstay my welcome ;)  If I'm not mistaken, U.S. citizens are allowed to purchase property just as Dominican citizens are.  Could anyone confirm this? 

Anyway, I stay here quite often, and currently am renting an apartment in Los Jardines Metropolitanos for 15,000 DOP/month.  It's furnished, a decent size, and I like the location.  However, once summer hits I don't know how I'll feel about staying here with no air conditioning, and the sizes of the rooms/layout of the apartment doesn't really lend itself to a wall unit.  (Plus, since bills are included in the cost of rent, I don't know how that would go over with my landlord.)  This is one of the reasons I'm looking into other options.

I'm trying to get recommendations for temporary housing, as well as long-term housing (such as possibly purchasing property) in the event I decide to apply for residency and stay here (I understand that process and know it is not easy, so no need to explain that to me at this point ;) ).  I would like to stay in Jardines Metropolitanos, and not go too much above what I currently pay - although I know that is really limiting my options.  Any recommendations or referrals?  Any suggestions or advice when it comes to purchasing personal property?

Thank you in advance for any help you wonderful people may offer.  :)

Yes, you can buy property in the DR. I'm on the North shore, Sosua/Cabarete area, therefore have no knowledge of the Santiago market. You will receive many answers to your questions. Wish you well & welcome.

Yes you can buy property here as a foreigner.

Don't wait for summer, start looking now. Sometimes the heat,and humidity starts building in April or May.

It is unlikely your landlord will allow an air con if he or she is paying the electricity. However,  ask if you can put one in on it's own electric contract that you pay for. That might work for you.

That seems like a reasonable rent, I guess it depends on areas you are looking at in Santiago. I am not knowledgeable enough on Santiago either!

Thank you 😊

Thanks Planner!  Considering I had about 3 days to find a place to rent and wanted to stay in the same sector I was in before, I think it was a decent deal for a new foreigner haha.  The apartment is pretty open, which is nice right now, but is not ideal for A/C units.  :/

Wow 3 days. Good for you!    Hoping you can resolve the A/C issue honey.  Talk to the landlord and see what you can do. BUT do not share a 220 line with anyone, make sure its just you!

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