To relocate or not to relocate, that is the question...

I'm at a major crossroads in my life and find that my plan to move to sunnier climbs in my twilight years could quite easily be brought forward about ten years...
I have always had it my my heart (and in my head) that I would relocate to Malta. However, a series of events has allowed me the chance to explore bringing this forward. But I've a series of questions and would be delighted if anyone could offer me their take on relocating...

I know the north of the island relatively well but only a s a tourist so would like to know what it is that draws expats to the island.
Also, is the cost of living affordable, again off the beaten track away from tourist prices?
I'd be looking, initially, to rent a room / apartment, what prices would i be looking at.
I'd be looking for work too -I'm an event manager and qualified teacher. Is there work to be had? Obviously finally is their an expat network.  I would love to get involved

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I would be very interested in your thoughts

Hi there I've just seen your post and wondered if you considered running a food outlet?
I'm looking to do anything to get away from the rain here and money is not my motivation at all. I've ran a business before but not food!
Dreams are better shared and I'm a 1960 born so we must have some similar experiences? Regards Tim

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Morning Tim
I am open to exploring anything at the moment so in short, yes.
As you’ve said I too am from the 60s (1962) so not scared of work and fed up of grey skies and the eternal misery of UK weather.
You say “food outlet”, what exactly had you in mind? Cafe? Restaurant? Convenience store? Yoghurt bar lol.
I’m not looking to invest financially as I’ve been self employed almost all my working life. I’m looking to get away from that as much as the British weather but I’d be happy to look at coming on board in some way
Let me have your thoughts

There are already a lot of food outlets on both Malta and Gozo, here on Gozo ice cream and fish and chips places seem to be the new craze although not that popular as one ice cream shop only lasted a few weeks and that was in summer.

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