New members of the Kenya forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Welcome! When are you planning to move to Nairobi? Feel welcome to ask any questions. We've also moved from South Africa to Kenya.

Greetings to all, for those coming to live and work in Kenya, get in touch with your embassy's first. Kenya gorvement is not issuing any work permits. This is because they are fighting corruption. If you don't have right papers be careful. Crack down is serious.

Mimi ni Althea. I am planning to move to Kenya with my family within a year from now. I just came back from Kenya after a very intense and exciting month of field work. 
Currently, I am doing my masters in Geography of rural areas- change through Globalization.
I hope to make friends here both expats and Kenyans as I prepare my relocation.

How are you. I do research in many fields. If you need any work to be done let me know.

Good afternoon, for those looking for jobs Norwegian Refugees services is hiring. French speaking and afganh nationality prefer candidates. Google and do the necessary.


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Hi I trust you are doing fine.
Did you manage to relocate to Kenya.

Hi All,
Iam jyothy from India. I Was in Nairobi,Kenya for last 14 years. I loved the beautiful weather of this country n its flora n fauna.
I was working as a teacher in Mumbai, India. Next month we will be going for good to my hometown, Kerala- Gods own country.

Its really tough to say goodbye to a country. But iam carrying beautiful memories which will be cherished n fondly remembered forever.
Will miss Kenya
Jyothy Mohandas

We shall also miss you. I have a friend in your home town Kerela.

Thanks Emmy. R u frm Nairobi. Who is ur friend frm Kerala?

Yes, am from Nairobi, his name is Rahul

Could this still be available my friend

Hi All,

Pj from London.  In transistion starting a business in East Africa. Uk based currently. Hoping to network within the food and agri industry and also tech/software market. Any leads or just networking before i fly to Nairobi will truly appreciated. TIA

Hi all,
Tawiah from Ghana. Being in Kenya for a while, Nairobi to be precise.In Kenya for business prospect with specific interest in the Tour and Hospitality as well as Arts and Creativity industry. I also have interest in the Fashion Designing sector as I am Fashion Designer and I also design and print quality Fabrics for corporate organizations and institutions. I love Kenya and the cultural diversity. Hope to set up soon and move here.

Hey there ☺️

I actually come from Nairobi, Kenya. I was born and raised in the city. Currently, I am pursuing a masters in Women’s Health.

I thought that I’d join this forum to not only look for income as a babysitter but also help any expats coming to my city with advice.

Hello am Oluchi a Nigerian, studying in Nairobi, want to get in contacts with my follow Nigerian here in Nairobi too boring here without one to understand you here is my contact ***.

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Hi everyone just new to Kenya barely a month now for studies , I will like to meet new friends here who have settled down here. .

my name is David Randu from Mombasa currently staying in Nairobi.
I have a passion in hospitality industry especially in Food and Beverage department.
I have a desire to work in Canada, for the purpose of adventure , meeting different people ,different culture and get new challenges and atmosphere.Moreover  gaining a new experience.
Kindly any one who can help me, I. will be grateful
Best Regards,Randu


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Hello am Haitham From Egypt will relocate To kenya Soon

Hi, try dolce club along koinange street, Churches where you can find your likes.

welcome to Kenya

I'm a small business man based on agricultural products such as maize 🌽,wheat tomatoes and other things but I'm looking a deal there in kenya but this it based much on industry owners


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Hello there!
My name is Beatrice, a Kenyan with passion in agriculture and sports.
I'm an avid gymnastic (no muscles yet!!!😀) and a free spirited person.
I am an open minded person and would love to meet people from all walks of life regardless.


Kindly Check One African Child you can volunteer with us. Then inbox me thanks

Hello and goodevening!!
Sorry I looked at this rather late..I just joined this site today.
I have looked at your website and I must first say it's a great job you're doing...God bless you.
Kids are angelic..a gift from heaven to be cared and nurtured by us all.
I would like to look at the possibility of offering my volunteer services in my country office, Kenya.
Let me please know how to go about it.
My email is ***

Great evening,

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B Betty :

Hi Julien, I am Betty I just moved from South Africa. I am here to look for work opportunity in Human Resources Management. I would also love to volunteer at an NGO. I am happy to be in group and hope to meet amazing people.

Welcome to Kenya, I hope you got an offer.
Wish you all the best in your stay here.


I am Kenyan, working in Kenya- new on these Streets, though :)  Anyone looking for a home in Nairobi, let me know i have an apartment flat i am looking for a house mate...Also, any information you may require professionally- i am available.

Hello Friends
My name is Paresh (Nick)
I am an Indian, was in Dubai from last 6 years and now in Nairobi
Was in Nairobi on an official business in 2012 for some couple of months.
Looking for new friends here, i had some very good friends from Philippines in Dubai.

Hi all
Im 33years old Kenyan, looking for a job as a house help or a nanny. I've 4years experience and I can work both fulltime or part time. Kindly contact me.
Sarah. :)

Hello all
I am a marketing consultant with great experience in market research, market strategies, digital marketing and real estate advisor.

I will gladly serve you.

Thank you and welcome.

Hello. My name is Vicky.
I am a Kenyan by birth. I live in Mombasa. I work in the field of Special Needs Education. I'm reaching out to those in the same area and are based in Mombasa. There seems to be very few specialists in Mombasa yet there are so many cases and parents do not have information. Kindly connect especially if you have experience working with kids with autism. Thank you.

Hello all,
Am new here and i appreciate being here and looking forward to meeting new friends.  I was born, bred and live in Kenya (Nairobi). Am in the photography field and also love being creative (you should see my collection of newly finished refurbished wine bottles) Hehe

I like seeing the positve side of things and a good laugh once in a while. 
This is to welcome all to Kenya, it is a great country and for those visiting here, you should give yourself the chance to experience the different cultures, various tourist attractions just to name two.  Am sure those who have relocated to Kenya from other countries can share their experiences and it is better when heard from them.

I look forward to getting to know you and being of help, whenever i can.


Am live in Kenya ready for any volunteer jobs and any job vacancy available

Hi Julien, I am Annie and I am a Kenyan. I am happy to be a part of this forum. Considering all the hustles that accompany an expat relocating to another country, I come in to help this process. My services are as a virtual assistant on both their business and personal fronts . This is also inclusive of personal concierge services. As we love saying here in Kenya "Karibu Kenya ; Hakuna Matata"

Karibu Kenya once again ready for any assistance whatsoever

Hey Julien...thanks for the warm welcome! Asante.


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