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Hi All,

I'm Janel. I was born in Jamaica, grew up in London, currently living in Mexico city but will be moving to Nairobi come January...phew. I've never been to Africa but I'm quite excited to move to Kenya since I've heard nothing but great things about East Africa.

Anyway, I'm hoping to make some connections  before I arrive.  Would be great to meet some people who are interested in exploring Kenya and doing weekend trips outside of Kenya also...some travel/experience buddies. I speak English and  Jamaican patois 😎.

Drop me a message if you would be up for this 😊

Email me your cv to ***, I may have something for you in my new start up.

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Send me your email address.

Sounds like a great idea😊😊

Hello Everyone...
Happy New Year...!
I am new in Kenya, a civil engineer from Karachi, Pakistan.
Love to socialize a very frankly and straight forward person..
I think that will be all :)

Welcome to Kenya

Hi,i am Dwight from America, visited Kenya 2 years ago and loved Mombasa.
So this September or sooner since i turn 66 in November, i am wanting too retire in Bamburi or Nayali
So if anyone in Mombasa want too chat please contact me.

I’m not sure if I’m in the right place! My parents took us out to Tanganyika in the late 1950s so I went to high/secondary school and then secretarial college in Nairobi and was a receptionist at the New Stanley Hotel until leaving for Europe soon after independence in the 1960s. My parents and sister’s moved on down to then Rhodesia.  I immigrated to the US from Belgium in 1968, and have been mostly in the Southwest since then.

Hi Dwight,                                                                                                                                                                                            My name is Gavin i'm still living in my place of birth England , i'm 70 years old and hope to retire to Mombasa Nyali area like yourself, this year. i have a Kenyan born girlfriend who lives in Nyali i was last there April last year and before that 40 years ago with the Army for 4 months Kisumu Lake Victoria area thats when i fell in love with Kenya , anyway Dwight any help i can give you, or you me would be good as it is not so simple even for retiring to Kenya take care         Gavin

Hi All,

My name is amit Sharma and I am from New Delhi India.  I will be moving to Nairobi by this month end for a business development role in IT company.  Happy to meet and friends with people to meet and do activities.

Hi,Gavin, i will return too Kenya on a 3 month visa and get an extension for another 3 months too investigate with the Embassy what i must do too get a K visa.

Hi Janel,

I am from kenya and would love to meet a friend from Jamaica.  I am currently based in Mombasa.  When will you be coming to Kenya.  regards

Thanks Dwight                                                                                                                                                                         Keep in touch maybe we will have a beer one day in Nyali ,take it easy and good luck     Gavin

Hi Flossie, 

I'll be in Nairobi! You said you're in Mombasa right? Either way we can keep in touch ☺.

I arrive in Kenya this week. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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