New members of the China forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018


I am Helen from Berlin. I studied English literature in London and just made a move to teach in China, Guizhou. Love the energy and endless possibilities over here. Also the expat community is great. Shoutout to hot pot family!

Hello to everyone :kiss:

I am Ahmed, an English instructor and nowadays I'm preparing myself to head off on a great journey to Guangzhou. Would love the concept of the community and looking forward to learning new info about China.

Hi everyone,

Ann from Singapore here. Been working in Suzhou for 4 years and have only now realized I need to slow down and smell the roses. Looking for like-minded people to join me on my food quests (barbeque in the garden anyone?), travelling, and workouts.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Hi there, i'm kavya. I'm just a passerby :) I came here to China on the 1st of July and i'll be going back to France on the 24th of August. This weekend i'll be in Beijing and i was wondering if there is someone who wanna hang out :D I love to meet new people and visit new places. If you're ready, just let me know ;)

Hi Ann, i would love to have a barbecue and travel too before i go back to my own place.

Hey Everyone, My name is Bobby, I'm from New York City, by way of Santa Monica, California. I'll be visiting Shanghai through August. The purpose of my stay is for tourism, and to explore making a move to Shanghai full time. Living in New York City for so many years makes you want to explore what else is out there ... especially Asia!

Would love to meet people, make friends, and get to know the lay of the land from expats on the ground : )

Hi Everyone, I am Bob, I am expecting to move to Baoding in the next couple of months.  Would love to get to know other people in the area, and no doubt I have a host of questions that I hope some of you may be able to help with.

hi Chloe,

I am a dentist in Guangzhou .Now,I am studying in Chicago and return to guangzhou  in two months.

Hello,I am TIm Mercurio From the United States. I have been living here in Mainland china since march 4th 2006.

I am married with two kids. and owner of one company and co-founder/owner of a Training Center in Anhui,Hefei.

if you have any questions,comments or concerns, you may reply back

thank you

Timothy S,Mercurio

I once Knew  a :Bobby "Cummings, from Boston MA. wonder if you are him?

Recently moved to China to explore this side of World.

Hi All ,

I came across this website while I was trying to search applicants for my China operations .  I may have contacted some prospective applicants ( more than 5 ) and as you can guess the 6th one was considered a spam .

Well anyway , I have posted a job , and I hope to hear from you all very soon .

Best Wishes ,

Hi everyone!

This is Laura from Italy, just moved to Shanghai after 6 months in Beijing. I feel the difference, don't know what's your feeling about the two cities but I must say Shanghai makes me breathe a bit more :)

I just moved to work in a Blockchain Company in the game development and digital advertising industry (Adrealm, short ad moment, hope you don't mind)

I'd like to find some nice movie or literature clubs in Shanghai, sneak into the art/intellectual scene, but I'm starting from scratch so I'd need some advices :)



Hi there,

I am David, a Malaysian. I will move to Qingdao on end of Dec'18. Will be working in the semiconductor field.
For those expat working in Qingdao, would like to meet you all.
And nice to learn and join this forum.

hello, I am Chris, in China since almost 18 years. Working as an interpreter and consultant for italian companies.
In my free time I lead the Leung Sheung Wing Chun Association in Shanghai and play guitar (not fender, but epiphone;)).


Hello all,
I am Esmaiel English teacher planning to get to China


I am an ESL teacher who works in Linyi. I am an American from California , most recently from the big island of Hawaii. I am the only foreigner teaching in my school. I would like to meet other foreigners in Linyi .


This is Anthony from India - Chennai,  moved to china with my family.

Staying  at Lane 258, Xie Wei Road -Qingpui

Worked as Identity and Access Management - SME, also have exp in Application re-deployment and support.

No job as of Now,  If some one could help how to crack china Job market that would of help.

Would love to travel and visit places.

Hello All

I am married to a Chinese citizen and keen on the idea of moving to the Zhuhai-Zhongshan vicinity with a plan to find employment in the logistics, marine or shipping industry or perhaps to be an agent for likewise multinational companies. I would like to hook up with like minded individuals and other friendly souls.


I'm Chinese. Now, I'm working at tencent(shenzhen), a passionate company。Sometimes, after working, i will play badminton with my friends and colleagues.Hope finding new friends and I'm glad to help expat to enjoy living in China.

Hello everyone, I am a Christian and grew up in the church. I especially like to help others and help others make me happy. I hope to help foreign friends in Shanghai and make friends with all of you. Thank the Lord. nova and from iran..I can speaking Chinese and English and French and kordish and Persian. .befor I come to china for business clothes  now I love china I want find a job in there and staying for ever. .thanks if you help me

Hi There

I live in Hangzhou but often go to Yiwu. Let me know if you would like to get in touch.

You can private message and we can take it from there.

PS ..welcome to China and Yiwu is my fav city .:) You will see why when you are there :)

Hi! I'm Tana, I am from Chicago USA originally. I am living and studying in Wuqiao, Hebei province. I have no friends or contacts here, and am really seeking a friend to help me find my way! Wuqiao or Dezhou area would work! Anyone living near me? It's a pretty lonely country to live in. Let's connect!

Hi - I am a 54 year old British expat - I've been working in Asia for 20 years and have a home in Bangkok - I have recently arrived to work in Changle, Fuzhou and would be happy to meet other Expats / Chinese in the local area.

Hope to be in Yancheng Jiangsu in a couple of weeks for six months  Who knows, road trip might be in order.


Hi there!
I'm Angie, 22 y.o, from Indonesia.
I'll coming to Shanghai in late February to study Chinese at SJTU (Jiaotong University) and am looking for a new friends to learn Chinese together.


Nosizo here

I am in South Africa. I am very much interested in moving to China. I speak English nd Zulu.

I am a lawyer by profession but looking to change course. Still looking around on my options in China. Hoping for the best.

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