New members of the China forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

I'm Angela, I'm a student in Beijing, been here for a half year. 
Hoping to meet some new friends.

Hi there,

I am local Shanghainese just came back to my hometown after ten year expat life in New Zealand. I know life would be much easier in a foreign country if you can find some local friends.

Here I am. lol :D

I am work in suzhou

hi   i am in henan  ,How are you

I am living in suzhou

Hello Ron, you can register on WeChat with an Australian number, I have a friend in Sydney who had done that. That's the easiest way to correspond to someone in China. Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc are not accessible, but you can send an email to a GM account from a Chinese account (and you would receive it), also you can send an email to a Chinese account from your Gmail. Good luck

Hello Everyone,

My name is Moira and I'm new to China living, having been here since January.

I live in Dezhou, Shandong. 

If you're close I'd love to connect. 


Hello from Indiana, United States.
I am seeking teaching opportunities in China. I have looked into International Schools rather than English training schools. I have turned a few offers down. Does anyone know about the AIDA International School in Beijing? Also, are there other schools anyone would recommend? Thanks.


@ woosch Wouldn't recommend any schools in Beijing.  Too much pollution as compared to the rest of the country.  and the international hub is.. Shanghai!

Hi all,
I am from South Africa. I moved to Hefei in August 2017. My first time overseas ever, and yes I came to China. My wife and children are still in SA. The first 5 months was very tough, but after a visit home in January, things are much better. I am looking to have my wife and 5 younger children come and live with me hopefully by October this year. I have enjoyed my time teaching here in Hefei. It has so far proven to be a rewarding and enriching experience. Warm and friendly staff and colleagues at the school I teach at.

HI Heather, I’m Grace from Vietnam. I have moved to Shanghai for my job assignment for 1month. I do share your feeling as a newcomer a this big city.  Let contact me if I could share any experience or help you out.

Thanks. I've already accepted a job in Beijing, though.

Hi all,

I'm Jonathan. I'm Vietnamese but living in Singapore. Currently I have to travel to Shenzhen a lot for business trip. Would love to make friends in Shenzhen. If anyone interested to hang out together during the weekend or after working timing, feel free to contact me!


I'm Jeromy, from the USA.  I came to Shanghai in 2011 after seeing an ad on Facebook about teaching in China.  I took a year off my teaching contract at home and came here.... now 7 years later ----- I'M STILL HERE! 

Loving every minute of it.

Hello Sir, I want to ask you to help me propose a good Chinese language school in China, at a low price. I'm thinking about visiting China and studying there but I do not have enough information

Hi i want to ask
Have you visited China for work or study, have you got a job in China easily?

Chinese language training centers are quite expensive.  You can find good private tutors that are less expensive. I found mine on Craig’s list. 100¥ per hour.

Thank you for your response. But when I look for an outside professor. But how can I get a visa. If you have a tourist visa I can not stay long in China, do you have advice or idea about this

If that’s your plan then you must apply to a Chinese university for Chinese lessons.  Jiaotong university has Chinese language courses for foreigners but I don’t know the visa situation.  Some programs are 4 weeks many hours per day and others are 2 hours per day for 16 weeks.  I don’t think they are the kind that will allow for the school to arrange a visa.  It’s better to come for work and learn Chinese on the side.

I thought I should apply for a study visa, and when I come to China I am looking for work if, on the contrary, how do I apply for work I am currently in Algeria, sorry for the many questions

Hey there!

I just moved to Shenzhen last month with my husband (and 2 cats). We decided last year that we wanted to make the move to be "forever expats." We lived in South Korea for 2 years (2012-2014), and really loved the lifestyle. Then, we moved home to the USA to get married in 2015 after 3 glorious months of traveling, and 3 years later we were convinced that going abroad and staying there was the right choice for us.

So that's my expat story. Now we're teachers in Shenzhen, and we love it!! I was a little unsure about China at first, but after lots of research and preparation, I got really excited. Now that I'm here, it has totally surpassed all my expectations. It's a fun, vibrant, clean city with a lot of opportunity, friendly people, awesome food, and great access to other beautiful places. I really want to learn Chinese. I speak a few other languages, but none of them are tonal. I'm hoping to hire a tutor soon.

I don't know where we'll end up next, if we'll go somewhere next, or when that might be, but I can definitely see myself in China for a good chunk of time from here.

Bonsoir. Tu es très courageuse , je te souhaite le bonheur , quand je serai en Chine j'aimerais bien te voir

Hi all!

My husband has recently been offered a position in Shanghai with his current employer. The position will be for two years and we don't know a lot more than that at the moment!! We have expressed our interest and hope to hear more but we are a family of 4; two boys aged 6 and 8 months and my husband wants to make sure it's the right decision for us all, especially since it will mean me leaving my position as a Block Manager (any likely positions in Shanghai????). If I'm not working in Shanghai will it be especially hard to integrate? Any thoughts tips or just general chit chat on the subject of moving abroad welcome!!! x

Hi everyone,

@Hakkoum Radka, welcome to

Please note this an english speaking forum. Could you please post in english only.

Thank you


We are in the same situation! Your husband doesn't work for a discount supermarket chain does he?
We have 2 children- a little girl who is 6 and a little man who is 15 months.
I am very excited by the idea but also daunted as I wouldn't even know where to begin!

Hello MBaraclough!

Yes, my husband does work for a discount supermarket!!! So great to hear that there are others even considering this!!! We are currently in Kent and live close to family and friends but feel that this could be a change of a lifetime and whilst daunted also excited by the prospect!!!

Would be great to keep in touch and share anything that we find out during this process e.g. About lifestyle, accommodation, schooling etc.

Have you joined any other sites??

FrayFamily x

Haha what a coincidence!
We live very close to family at the moment too in derby! But like you said it seems like such a good opportunity we don't want to look back and think what If!
Yes I would love to stay In touch!
This is the only site I am on, what about you?

Hi, yes this is the only site I have joined and you are the first I have made contact with!!!

It's great that you are literally in the same boat as me so have messaged you so that we can keep in contact throughout the process!!! x

Hi, I moved to Guangzhou some time ago to work for international company. Would like to find friends here to spend some time, share experience, eat out and have fun. I don’t speak Chinese so far but maybe fix it step by step. All interesting people are welcome.

Hello. I am not far from you. I am in yiwu.

Nice! Sorry, can’t locate Yiwu... how far is it from Guangzhou?

Hi everyone, my name is Kin, from Malaysia. I have been living in Shanghai for a month and working at HuangPu area. Looking for new friends for running / hiking / hangout :-)

Hi there!

Alexis from USA. I am moving to Baoding, China in September of this year! Would love to get some information about cost of living in the city.

Hello :)
I don’t know how to considere myself lol
My both parent are chinese but i’m born in Venice Italy and come back in china for work cause italy don’t offer me good growth prospective. Now i’m in wenzhou and soon in yiwu and will start my work.

hi guys' i just moved to Shenzhen, and i would like to really meet new people here, im 33, curretly studying in university chinese courses but i have not yet met people, :(

Hi guys and girls, I just moved to shenzhen about 6 months ago. I’m Malaysian who has prior experience living in china (shanghai) few years back as exchange student. I’m now working at shenzhen. So if you guys need any help or would like to explore shenzhen together, feel free to drop me a message. More than happy to share and help you guys to settle down in Shenzhen. Cheers

hi, i'm from tunisia and for the moment in brussels, we are moving my husband (he is italien) my two little daughters and me to shanghai on september this year , i already register my daughter (4years) in the frensh school , hope keep in touch


I just moved here a month ago from Canada! I don't speak Mandarin at all but I look ethnically Chinese so I get confused looks all the time  :unsure . Looking forward to adventures in Beijing!

Hi all,

This is Baris, from Turkey. I will be GZ in September 2018.

Hope we will meet some good people there. I am interested in Running. If anyone wants to run we can make it :)

Hi people!

Newcomer in China, here for 5 months for work (quality engineer working in the energy industry. ). I'll be staying in Foshan.

I'm also (among other):
- A football coach/player/watcher/fan. If you can explain to me what are preferential circuits for defensive-attacking transition or what is contextual dynamic team pressing, the round is on me! :)
- A photographer who has a special thing for steel ( or Fabrique Photographies on facebook)
- A movie glutton, and glutton, period.

Always happy to connect with peeps and go for drinks/food/adventure/football.

Here's my WeChat ID: ***

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